Project TitleDomain NameIEEE YearDOWNLOAD
Resource Trading in Blockchain Based Industrial Internet of Things   Download
Dynamic Demand Prediction and Allocation in Cloud Service Brokerage   Download
On the Design of Computation Offloading in Fog Radio Access Networks   Download
Scalable Discovery of Hybrid Process Models in a Cloud Computing Environment   Download
Model Driven Elasticity Management with OCCI   Download
A Two Stage Auction Mechanism for Cloud Resource Allocation   Download
A Coarse to Fine Framework for Cloud Removal in Remote Sensing Image Sequence   Download
Near optimal and Truthful Online Auction for Computation Offloading in Green Edge Computing Systems   Download
Architecture based Reliability sensitive Criticality Measure for Fault Tolerance Cloud Applications   Download
Efficient Identity based Provable Multi Copy Data Possession in Multi Cloud Storage   Download
Virtual Machines Scheduling in Mobile Edge Computing A Formal Concept Analysis Approach   Download
Maximum Data Resolution Efficiency for Fog Computing Supported Spatial Big Data Processing in Disaster Scenarios   Download
A Cloud Enabled Small Cell Architecture in 5G Networks for Broadcast Multicast Services   Download
Joint Management of Wireless and Computing Resources for Computation Offloading in Mobile Edge Clouds   Download
An Edge to Cloud Virtualized Multimedia Service Platform for 5G Networks   Download
Exploiting Heterogeneity for Opportunistic Resource Scaling in Cloud hosted Applications   Download
A Secure Searchable Encryption Framework for Privacy Critical Cloud Storage Services   Download
Solving Coupling Security Problem for Sustainable Sensor Cloud Systems based on Fog Computing   Download
Exploring the Effectiveness of Service Decomposition in Fog Computing Architecture for the Internet of Things   Download
Workload and Capacity Optimization for Cloud Edge Computing Systems with Vertical and Horizontal Offloading   Download
Smart Resource Allocation for Mobile Edge Computing A Deep Reinforcement Learning Approach   Download
Provable Data Possession with Outsourced Data Transfer   Download
Catch Me if You Can A Closer Look at Malicious Co Residency on the Cloud   Download
Latency based Analytic Approach to Forecast Cloud Workload Trend for Sustainable Datacentres   Download
Reliability Optimal Cooperative Communication and Computing in Connected Vehicle Systems   Download
ClassyTune A Performance Auto Tuner for Systems in the Cloud   Download
Facilitating Application aware Bandwidth Allocation in the Cloud with One step ahead Traffic Information   Download
Classification based and Energy Efficient Dynamic Task Scheduling Scheme for Virtualized Cloud Data Center   Download
SecEDMO Enabling Efficient Data Mining with Strong Privacy Protection in Cloud Computing   Download
A Low Power Cardiovascular Healthcare System With Cross Layer Optimization From Sensing Patch to Cloud Platform   Download
A Hybrid Computing Solution and Resource Scheduling Strategy for Edge Computing in Smart Manufacturing   Download
Secure Data Group Sharing and Conditional Dissemination with Multi Owner in Cloud Computing   Download
Cloud Computing Assisted Blockchain Enabled Internet of Things   Download
Computation Offloading Strategy Optimization with Multiple Heterogeneous Servers in Mobile Edge Computing   Download
Dynamic Service Migration in Mobile Edge Computing Based on Markov Decision Process   Download
Joint Optimization of Computational Cost and Devices Energy for Task Offloading in Multi Tier Edge Clouds   Download
Computing Aware Base Station Sleeping Mechanism in H CRAN Cloud Edge Networks   Download
U2 Tree A Universal Two Layer Distributed Indexing Scheme for Cloud Storage System   Download
Auction Mechanisms in Cloud Fog Computing Resource Allocation for Public Blockchain Networks   Download
An Efficient Application Partitioning Algorithm in Mobile Environments   Download
Evaluating Distributed Computing Infrastructures An Empirical Study Comparing Hadoop Deployments on Cloud and Local Systems   Download
Repair Strategies for Mobile Storage Systems   Download
Investigating Machine Learning Algorithms for Modeling SSD I O Performance for Container based Virtualization   Download
Quantitative Analysis of Opacity in Cloud Computing Systems   Download
Comments on SEPDP Secure and Efficient Privacy Preserving Provable Data Possession in Cloud Storage    Download
Global Cloud Detection for CERES Edition 4 Using Terra and Aqua MODIS Data   Download
Estimating Energy Consumption of Cloud Fog and Edge Computing Infrastructures   Download
CDnet CNN Based Cloud Detection for Remote Sensing Imagery   Download
Computing Resource Trading for Edge Cloud Assisted Internet of Things   Download
Real Time Lateral Movement Detection Based on Evidence Reasoning Network for Edge Computing Environment   Download
Exploring Potential and Feasibility of Binary Code Sharing in Mobile Computing   Download
On the Evaluation of the Total Cost of Ownership Trade offs in Edge vs Cloud deployments A Wireless Denial of Service Case Study   Download
Auction based VM Allocation for Deadline Sensitive Tasks in Distributed Edge Cloud   Download
Improving Failure Tolerance in Large Scale Cloud Computing Systems   Download
Cloud Deep Networks for Hyperspectral Image Analysis   Download
Performance Modeling and Workflow Scheduling of Microservice Based Applications in Clouds   Download
Collaborative Cloud and Edge Computing for Latency MinimizationCloud Computing  Download
Towards Next Generation Vehicles Featuring the Vehicle IntelligenceWSN NETWORKING2019 Download
Toward Pre Empted EV Charging Recommendation Through V2V Based Reservation SystemWSN NETWORKING2019 Download
A Q Learning Approach with Collective Contention Estimation for Bandwidth efficient and Fair Access Control in IEEE 802 11p Vehicular NetworksWSN NETWORKING2019 Download
Adaptive Group Based Zero Knowledge Proof Authentication Protocol in Vehicular Ad Hoc NetworksWSN NETWORKING2019 Download
Multipoint Relaying Versus Chain Branch Leaf Clustering Performance in Optimized Link State Routing Based Vehicular Ad Hoc NetworksWSN NETWORKING2019 Download
Leveraging Communicating UAVs for Emergency Vehicle Guidance in Urban AreasWSN NETWORKING2019 Download
False Alarm Detection in the Fog Based Internet of Connected VehiclesWSN NETWORKING2019 Download
Sampled Data Control for Connected Vehicles With Markovian Switching Topologies and Communication DelayWSN NETWORKING2019 Download
PRIVANET An Efficient Pseudonym Changing and Management Framework for Vehicular Ad Hoc NetworksWSN NETWORKING2019 Download
Performance Analysis and Boost for A MAC Protocol in Vehicular NetworksWSN NETWORKING2019 Download
Intersection Fog Based Distributed Routing for V2V Communication in Urban Vehicular Ad Hoc NetworksWSN NETWORKING2019 Download
A Filter Model Based on Hidden Generalized Mixture Transition Distribution Model for Intrusion Detection System in Vehicle Ad Hoc NetworksWSN NETWORKING2019 Download
Link Stability Based Optimized Routing Framework for Software Defined Vehicular NetworksWSN NETWORKING2019 Download
On the End to End Delay in a One Way VANETWSN NETWORKING2019 Download
An Unsupervised Cluster Based VANET Oriented Evolving Graph CVoEG Model and Associated Reliable Routing SchemeWSN NETWORKING2019 Download
PA CRT Chinese Remainder Theorem Based Conditional Privacy preserving Authentication Scheme in Vehicular Ad hoc NetworksWSN NETWORKING2019 Download
Internet Provisioning in VANETs Performance Modeling of Drive Thru ScenariosWSN NETWORKING2019 Download
A Hybrid Fuzzy Logic Guided Genetic Algorithm H FLGA Approach for Resource Optimization in 5G VANETsWSN NETWORKING2019 Download
LPPA Lightweight Privacy preserving Authentication from Efficient Multi key Secure Outsourced Computation for Location based Services in VANETsWSN NETWORKING2019 Download
A Blockchain Based Privacy Preserving Authentication Scheme for VANETsWSN NETWORKING2019 Download
A Fluid Mechanics Based Data Flow Model to Estimate VANET CapacityWSN NETWORKING2019 Download
An Attribute Based Framework for Secure Communications in Vehicular Ad Hoc NetworksWSN NETWORKING2019 Download
Towards Fast and Reliable Multi hop Routing in VANETsWSN NETWORKING2019 Download
Advances in Position Based Routing Towards ITS Enabled FoG Oriented VANET A SurveyWSN NETWORKING2019 Download
An Efficient Authentication Scheme Based on Semi Trusted Authority in VANETsWSN NETWORKING2019 Download
DeQoS Attack Degrading Quality of Service in VANETs and Its MitigationWSN NETWORKING2019 Download
BayesTrust and VehicleRank Constructing an Implicit Web of Trust in VANETWSN NETWORKING2019 Download
UAV Assisted Supporting Services Connectivity in Urban VANETsWSN NETWORKING2019 Download
Delay Minimization Routing for Heterogeneous VANETs With Machine Learning Based Mobility PredictionWSN NETWORKING2019 Download
Severity Based Prioritized Processing of Packets with Application in VANETsWSN NETWORKING2019 Download
A Novel Stream Clustering Framework for Spam Detection in TwitterData mining2019 Download
An Early Feedback Prediction System for Learners At Risk Within a First Year Higher Education CourseData mining2019 Download
Efficient and Privacy Preserving Cryptographic Key Derivation From Continuous SourcesData mining2019 Download
Understanding How and Why Developers Seek and Analyze API related OpinionsData mining2019 Download
A Granular GA SVM Predictor for Big Data in Agricultural Cyber Physical SystemsData mining2019 Download
Creating Robust Predictive Radiomic Models for Data From Independent Institutions Using NormalizationData mining2019 Download
Identifying the Structure of Cities by Clustering Using a New Similarity Measure Based on Smart Card DataData mining2019 Download
Tourism Mobile App With Aspect Based Sentiment Classification Framework for Tourist ReviewsData mining2019 Download
Estimation of Influence Distance of Bus Stops Using Bus GPS Data and Bus Stop PropertiesData mining2019 Download
Adaptive prognostic of fuel cells by implementing ensemble Echo State Networks in time varying model spaceData mining2019 Download
ROD Revenue Seeking Strategies Analysis and Revenue Prediction in Ride on demand Service Using Multi source Urban DataData mining2019 Download
Vehicular Ad Hoc Network Representation Learning for Recommendations in Internet of ThingsData mining2019 Download
From Lab to Production Lessons Learnt and Real Life Challenges of an Early Student Dropout Prevention SystemData mining2019 Download

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