Project TitleDomain NameIEEE YearDOWNLOAD
MoMAC Mobility Aware and Collision Avoidance MAC for Safety Applications in VANETsMatlab-Ns2-Opnet-Simulation2018 Download
A Survey on Recent Advances in Vehicular Network Security Trust and PrivacyMatlab-Ns2-Opnet-Simulation2018 Download
A Greedy Routing Strategy Based on Euclidean Geometry for Vehicular Delay Tolerant NetworkMatlab-Ns2-Opnet-Simulation2018 Download
Real Time Intersection Based Segment Aware Routing Algorithm for Urban Vehicular NetworksMatlab-Ns2-Opnet-Simulation2018 Download
A Concurrent Transmission Based Broadcast Scheme for Urban VANETsMatlab-Ns2-Opnet-Simulation2018 Download
Computational Intelligence Inspired Data Delivery for Vehicle to roadside CommunicationsMatlab-Ns2-Opnet-Simulation2018 Download
A New Probabilistic Multi hop Broadcast Protocol for Vehicular NetworksMatlab-Ns2-Opnet-Simulation2018 Download
A Novel Infrastructure Based Worm Spreading Countermeasure for Vehicular NetworksMatlab-Ns2-Opnet-Simulation2018 Download
OptDynLim an Optimal Algorithm for the One Dimensional RSU Deployment Problem with Non uniform Profit DensityMatlab-Ns2-Opnet-Simulation2018 Download
Analytical Exploration of Energy Savings for Parked Vehicles to Enhance VANETConnectivityMatlab-Ns2-Opnet-Simulation2018 Download
Non Cooperative Beacon Power Control for VANETsMatlab-Ns2-Opnet-Simulation2018 Download
Offline and Online Scheduling Algorithms for Energy Harvesting RSUs in VANETsMatlab-Ns2-Opnet-Simulation2018 Download
Probability Prediction Based Reliable and Efficient Opportunistic Routing Algorithm for VANETsMatlab-Ns2-Opnet-Simulation2018 Download
Decentralized and Scalable Privacy Preserving Authentication Scheme in VANETsMatlab-Ns2-Opnet-Simulation2018 Download
The Steady State Distribution of Rehealing Delay in an Intermittently Connected Highway VANETMatlab-Ns2-Opnet-Simulation2018 Download
Mitigate the Obstructing Effect of Vehicles on the Propagation of VANETs Safety Related InformationMatlab-Ns2-Opnet-Simulation2018 Download
Distributed Privacy Preserving Collaborative Intrusion Detection Systems for VANETsMatlab-Ns2-Opnet-Simulation2018 Download
Modeling Probabilistic Flooding in VANETs for Optimal Rebroadcast ProbabilitiesMatlab-Ns2-Opnet-Simulation2018 Download
MARP A Distributed MAC Layer Attack Resistant Pseudonym Scheme for VANETMatlab-Ns2-Opnet-Simulation2018 Download
Real Time Path Planning in Urban Area via VANET Assisted Traffic Information SharingMatlab-Ns2-Opnet-Simulation2018 Download
From Channel Selection to Strategy Selection Enhancing VANETs Using Socially Inspired Foraging and Deference StrategiesMatlab-Ns2-Opnet-Simulation2018 Download
Spatial Stochastic Vehicle Traffic Modeling for VANETsMatlab-Ns2-Opnet-Simulation2018 Download
Cellular V2X Communications in Unlicensed Spectrum Harmonious Coexistence With VANET in 5G SystemsMatlab-Ns2-Opnet-Simulation2018 Download
An Evolutionary Game Theoretic Approach for Stable and Optimized Clustering in VANETsMatlab-Ns2-Opnet-Simulation2018 Download
UAV Relay in VANETs Against Smart Jamming With Reinforcement LearningMatlab-Ns2-Opnet-Simulation2018 Download
STARS A Statistical Traffic Pattern Discovery System for MANETsMatlab-Ns2-Opnet-Simulation2015 Download
Software Level Approaches to Implementing Fault Tolerant Systems on Coarse Grained Reconfigurable ArchitectureMatlab-Ns2-Opnet-Simulation2015 Download
SIP Flooding Attack Detection with a Multi Dimensional Sketch DesignMatlab-Ns2-Opnet-Simulation2015 Download
Security Analysis and Related Usability of Motion based CAPTCHAs Decoding Code words in MotionMatlab-Ns2-Opnet-Simulation2015 Download
Secure Ordered BucketizationMatlab-Ns2-Opnet-Simulation2015 Download
Pushing Java Type Obfuscation to the LimitMatlab-Ns2-Opnet-Simulation2015 Download
Private Searching on Streaming Data Based on Keyword FrequencyMatlab-Ns2-Opnet-Simulation2015 Download
Privacy Preserving Multi Class Support Vector Machine for Outsourcing the Data Classification in CloudMatlab-Ns2-Opnet-Simulation2015 Download
PRGA Privacy preserving Recording Gateway assisted Authentication of Power Usage Information for Smart GridMatlab-Ns2-Opnet-Simulation2015 Download
PPTP Privacy Preserving Traffic Padding in Web Based ApplicationsMatlab-Ns2-Opnet-Simulation2015 Download
On the Hardness of Adding Non masking Fault ToleranceMatlab-Ns2-Opnet-Simulation2015 Download
MOSES Supporting and Enforcing Security Profiles on Smart phonesMatlab-Ns2-Opnet-Simulation2015 Download
MINT A Reliability Modeling Framework for Energy Efficient Parallel Disk SystemsMatlab-Ns2-Opnet-Simulation2015 Download
MFTS A Multi level Fault tolerant Archiving Storage with Optimized Maintenance BandwidthMatlab-Ns2-Opnet-Simulation2015 Download
Meeting Cardinality Constraints in Role MiningMatlab-Ns2-Opnet-Simulation2015 Download
k Zero Day Safety A Network Security Metric for Measuring the Risk of Unknown VulnerabilitiesMatlab-Ns2-Opnet-Simulation2015 Download
Key Recovery Attacks on KIDS a Keyed Anomaly Detection SystemMatlab-Ns2-Opnet-Simulation2015 Download
Hyper Check A Hardware Assisted Integrity MonitorMatlab-Ns2-Opnet-Simulation2015 Download
Human Effects of Enhanced Privacy Management ModelsMatlab-Ns2-Opnet-Simulation2015 Download
Hiding in the Mobile Crowd Location Privacy through CollaborationMatlab-Ns2-Opnet-Simulation2015 Download
HBFT Speculative Byzantine Fault Tolerance With Minimum CostMatlab-Ns2-Opnet-Simulation2015 Download
Generating Summary Risk Scores for Mobile ApplicationsMatlab-Ns2-Opnet-Simulation2015 Download
Fault Tolerant Network Interfaces for Networks on ChipMatlab-Ns2-Opnet-Simulation2015 Download
Extending the Agile Development Approach to Develop Acceptably Secure SoftwareMatlab-Ns2-Opnet-Simulation2015 Download
Evaluation of Web Security Mechanisms using Vulnerability and Attack InjectionMatlab-Ns2-Opnet-Simulation2015 Download
Enforcing Obligations within Relational Database Management SystemsMatlab-Ns2-Opnet-Simulation2015 Download
Efficient Tagging of Remote Peers During Child Pornography InvestigationsMatlab-Ns2-Opnet-Simulation2015 Download
Efficient and Privacy Aware Data Aggregation in Mobile SensingMatlab-Ns2-Opnet-Simulation2015 Download
Effective Risk Communication for Android AppsMatlab-Ns2-Opnet-Simulation2015 Download
Control Flow based Malware Variant DetectionMatlab-Ns2-Opnet-Simulation2015 Download
Continuous and Transparent User Identity Verification for Secure Internet ServicesMatlab-Ns2-Opnet-Simulation2015 Download
Collusion Tolerable Privacy Preserving Sum and Product Calculation without Secure ChannelMatlab-Ns2-Opnet-Simulation2015 Download
Cipher SXRay Exposing Cryptographic Operations and Transient Secrets from Monitored Binary ExecutionMatlab-Ns2-Opnet-Simulation2015 Download
Analysis of field data on web security vulnerabilitiesMatlab-Ns2-Opnet-Simulation2015 Download
A Random Decision Tree Framework for Privacy preserving Data MiningMatlab-Ns2-Opnet-Simulation2015 Download
A Note On Orchestrating an Ensemble of Map Reduce Jobs for Minimizing Their Make spanMatlab-Ns2-Opnet-Simulation2015 Download
A Large Scale Study of the Time Required to Compromise a Computer SystemMatlab-Ns2-Opnet-Simulation2015 Download
A Computational Dynamic Trust Model for User AuthorizationMatlab-Ns2-Opnet-Simulation2015 Download

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