Project TitleDomain NameIEEE YearDOWNLOAD
Neural Network Based Joint Spatial and Temporal Equalization for MIMO VLC SystemLi-Fi2019 Download
Link Performance Evaluation of 5G mm wave and LiFi Systems for the Transmission of Holographic 3D Display DataLi-Fi2019 Download
15 73 Gb s Visible Light Communication With Off the Shelf LEDsLi-Fi2019 Download
Design of YAG Coated Laser Diode Driver with Feedback MechanismLi-Fi2019 Download
Multi Carrier Modulation Techniques for Light Fidelity TechnologyLi-Fi2019 Download
Design and Analysis of Multi Phase Buck DC DC Converters for Li Fi Attocell DriversLi-Fi2019 Download
Smart navigation with AI Engine for Li Fi based Medical Indoor EnvironmentLi-Fi2019 Download
Li Fi based Indoor Positioning SystemLi-Fi2019 Download
Li Fi Based Blind Indoor Navigation SystemLi-Fi2019 Download
Li Fi Based Health Monitoring System for InfantsLi-Fi2019 Download

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