Project TitleDomain NameIEEE YearDOWNLOAD
The development of IoT wetting front detector IOT WFD for efficient Irrigation management and decision support systemAgriculture2019 Download
Mobile port a disruptive solution for transporting grain in BrazilAgriculture2019 Download
Cropland Mapping and Change Detection Toward Zimbabwean Cropland InventoryAgriculture2019 Download
Carbon Heating Tube Used for Rapid Heating SystemAgriculture2019 Download
Bio Inspired Recruiting Protocol for FANET in Precision Agriculture Domains Pheromone Parameters TuningAgriculture2019 Download
A Random Forest Approach for Predicting the Microwave Drying Process of Amaranth SeedsAgriculture2019 Download
Experimental Studies of the Process of Obtaining Biogas from Wastes from Agricultural EnterprisesAgriculture2019 Download
Smart Leaf Infection Identification and Fertilizer SprayAgriculture2019 Download
Research on Agricultural Panorama Intelligent Monitoring and Early Warning SystemAgriculture2019 Download
Convolutional Neural Network for Sound Processing Study of Deployed ApplicationAgriculture2019 Download
Internet of Things for Greenhouse Monitoring System Using Deep Learning and Bot Notification ServicesAgriculture2019 Download
Classification of Glycyrrhiza Seeds by Near Infrared Hyperspectral Imaging TechnologyAgriculture2019 Download
Integrated Intelligent Management system of Water and Fertilizer based on Internet of thingsAgriculture2019 Download
Technology Assessment for Radio Communication between UAV and Ground Qualitative Study and ApplicationsAgriculture2019 Download
Intelligent Agriculture and Its Key Technologies Based on Internet of Things ArchitectureAgriculture2019 Download
Agricultural Field Monitoring using IoTAgriculture2019 Download
Vertical Ga2O3 Schottky Barrier Diodes with Guard Ring Formed by Nitrogen Ion ImplantationAgriculture2019 Download
Eigendecomposition Free Sampling Set Selection for Graph SignalsAgriculture2019 Download
Fully Data driven Convolutional Filters with Deep Learning Models for Epileptic Spike DetectionAgriculture2019 Download
Time varying Graph Learning Based on Sparseness of Temporal VariationAgriculture2019 Download
Interpolation and Denoising of Graph Signals Using Plug and play AdmmAgriculture2019 Download
IsoAgLibSE Study and Implementation of the Manure Spreader Machine Control SystemAgriculture2019 Download
Using 3D Residual Network for Spatio temporal Analysis of Remote Sensing DataAgriculture2019 Download
Lithium niobate on insulator waveguide on Si substrate fabricated by room temperature bondingAgriculture2019 Download
Online Distance Learning Precision Service Technology Based on Big Data AnalysisAgriculture2019 Download
Hybrid Control and Strain Suppression Using Ball Screw Drive DeviceAgriculture2019 Download
Video Based Prediction for Header Height Control of a Combine HarvesterAgriculture2019 Download
Predictive model for cocoa yield in Santander using Supervised Machine LearningAgriculture2019 Download
AgriColMap Aerial Ground Collaborative 3D Mapping for Precision FarmingAgriculture2019 Download
Intelligent data service for farmersAgriculture2019 Download
Prediction of Crop CultivationAgriculture2019 Download
Crop Yield Prediction and Efficient use of FertilizersAgriculture2019 Download
Soybean Seed Counting Based on Pod Image Using Two Column Convolution Neural NetworkAgriculture2019 Download
Multi Task Cascaded Convolutional Networks Based Intelligent Fruit Detection for Designing Automated RobotAgriculture2019 Download
Classification of Fruit Diseases using Feed Forward Back Propagation Neural NetworkAgriculture2019 Download
Implementation of greenhouse service control protocol using Python on Raspberry PIAgriculture2019 Download
Comparison of Mid Wave Infrared MWIR and Long Wave Infrared LWIR Imagery for Precision Agriculture ApplicationsAgriculture2019 Download
An IoT based Sag Monitoring System for Overhead Transmission LinesAgriculture2019 Download
A Precise and Autonomous Irrigation System For Agriculture IoT Based Self Propelled Center Pivot Irrigation SystemAgriculture2019 Download
Experimental Study on Operator based Nonlinear Control for a Miniature Pneumatic Bending Rubber Actuator by Using PSO SVR GGD MethodAgriculture2019 Download
Spam Domain Detection Method Using Active DNS Data and E Mail Reception LogAgriculture2019 Download
Seasonal Dependency Analysis of Tasseled Cap Components for KOMPSAT 3 Data in Land Cover ClassificationAgriculture2019 Download
Raspberry Pi as Visual Sensor Nodes in Precision Agriculture A StudyAgriculture2019 Download
Identification of Influential Factors for Productivity and Sustainability of Crops Using Data Mining TechniquesAgriculture2019 Download
Simple Projection Mapping for Food Local Appearance Modification for Enhancement of Perceived DeliciousnessAgriculture2019 Download
Shorted Patch Antenna for 26 5 GHz Electromagnetic Wave Local Exposure System for Animal ExperimentsAgriculture2019 Download
A Traffic Distribution System Among Multiple Terminals Using MPTCP in Multihomed Network EnvironmentAgriculture2019 Download
Colony Fingerprinting A Novel Method for Discrimination of Food Contaminating Microorganisms Based on Bioimage InformaticsAgriculture2019 Download
CO2 Detection with Si Slot Waveguide Ring Resonators toward On chip Specific Gas SensingAgriculture2019 Download
Sorghum Yield Prediction using Machine LearningAgriculture2019 Download
Smart IoT Monitoring System for Agriculture with Predictive AnalysisAgriculture2019 Download
Design of a Self Sustained Farming System SFS for PakistanAgriculture2019 Download
Cultivation of plants under Artificial Environmental Parameters to Increase Productivity RateAgriculture2019 Download
Development of In situ Monitoring System for Crop Growth ObservationAgriculture2019 Download
Research on Automatic Driving System of Agricultural Machinery Based on EmbeddedAgriculture2019 Download
Farming box The integrated of vegetable production system for food safety in small householdAgriculture2019 Download
Deforestation Analysis of Northern Areas Pakistan using Image Processing and Maximum Likelihood Supervised ClassificationAgriculture2019 Download
Directional Curvature Sensing Using Multicore Fiber Bragg Grating and Two Photon Absorption Process in Si APDAgriculture2019 Download
Design and Implementation of an IoT based Automated Agricultural Monitoring and Control SystemAgriculture2019 Download
Study on Deep Unsupervised Learning Optimization Algorithm Based on Cloud ComputingAgriculture2019 Download
Internet of Things Monitoring System of Modern Eco Agriculture Based on Cloud ComputingAgriculture2019 Download
Gesture Controlled Wireless Agricultural Weeding RobotAgriculture2019 Download
Weather Data For The Prevention Of Agricultural Production With Convolutional Neural NetworksAgriculture2019 Download
A Complex Network Approach for Plant Growth Analysis using ImagesAgriculture2019 Download
UAV s Agricultural Image Segmentation Predicated by Clifford Geometric AlgebraAgriculture2019 Download
A Life Cycle Framework of Green IoT Based Agriculture and Its Finance Operation and Management IssuesAgriculture2019 Download
Digital Moisture Monitoring System Embedded in PICAgriculture2019 Download
Diseases Detection of Various Plant Leaf Using Image Processing Techniques A ReviewAgriculture2019 Download
Information Retrieval A Case Study on Contributions of Greimasian Semiotics to Semantic Computing in Agriculture for Knowledge ManagementAgriculture2019 Download
Next Generation of Smart Aquaponics with Internet of Things SolutionsAgriculture2019 Download
Algorithm of Weed Detection in Crops by Computational VisionAgriculture2019 Download
A Review on Machine Learning Classification Techniques for Plant Disease DetectionAgriculture2019 Download
Adaptive neural control of a greenhouseAgriculture2019 Download
Design of Portable Land Parameter Measuring DeviceAgriculture2019 Download
FPGA Realization of Fuzzy Based Robotic Manipulator for Agriculture ApplicationsAgriculture2019 Download
Identification of Plant Disease using Image Processing TechniqueAgriculture2019 Download
Development of Innovative Technologies in Russian Agro IndustryAgriculture2019 Download
Crop and Weeds Classification for Precision Agriculture Using Context Independent Pixel Wise SegmentationAgriculture2019 Download
Small fading and Wideband Propagation Characteristics in Fruit Orchard at 2 4 GHz for Wireless Network in Smart Farming ApplicationAgriculture2019 Download
Energy Saving Electric Equipment Applied in AgricultureAgriculture2019 Download
Energy Efficient WSN for Precision Agriculture Using Modified Zonal Stable Election ProtocolAgriculture2019 Download
LoRa based Visual Monitoring Scheme for Agriculture IoTAgriculture2019 Download
Graph based RGB D Image Segmentation Using Color directional region MergingAgriculture2019 Download
Smart IoT Monitoring System for Agriculture with Predictive AnalysisAgriculture2019 Download
Image based Plant Disease Detection in Pomegranate Plant for Bacterial BlightAgriculture2019 Download
Decision Making Support System for Prediction of Prices in Agricultural CommodityAgriculture2019 Download
Precision Agriculture for Small to Medium Size Farmers An IoT ApproachAgriculture2019 Download
Reactive Flooding versus Link State Routing for FANET in Precision AgricultureAgriculture2019 Download
A method for automatic identification of crop lines in drone images from a mango tree plantation using segmentation over YCrCb color space and Hough transformAgriculture2019 Download
Detection of pH value and Pest control for eco friendly agricultureAgriculture2019 Download
Recommendation System for Crop Identification and Pest Control Technique in AgricultureAgriculture2019 Download
Design and Modelling of anAffordable UAV Based Pesticide Sprayer in Agriculture ApplicationsAgriculture2019 Download
Agriculture Analysis Using Data Mining And Machine Learning TechniquesAgriculture2019 Download
A Comparative Analysis of Vertical Agriculture Systems in Residential ApartmentsAgriculture2019 Download
Study on the Application of Order Agriculture in Precision Poverty Alleviation Based on Multiple Linear Regression MethodAgriculture2019 Download
Low Cost and Robust Field Deployable Environmental Sensor for Smart AgricultureAgriculture2019 Download
Modern Agriculture Using Wireless Sensor Network WSN Agriculture2019 Download
Leaf Compatible Autonomous RFID Based Wireless Temperature Sensors for Precision AgricultureAgriculture2019 Download
Application of Non Orthogonal Multiple Access in Wireless Sensor Networks for Smart AgricultureAgriculture2019 Download

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