Project TitleDomain NameIEEE YearDOWNLOAD
Embedded Ethernet Technology in Process Control DevicesEmbedded Projects2015 Download
Controller Area Network for Intelligent Vehicular SystemsEmbedded Projects2015 Download
Microclimate Controlled Irrigation System for Rural Farmers using GSMEmbedded Projects2015 Download
Wireless Gas Leakage Monitoring SystemEmbedded Projects2015 Download
Portable Wireless Biomedical Temperature Monitoring System Architecture and ImplementationEmbedded Projects2015 Download
Head Motion Controlled Wheel ChairEmbedded Projects2015 Download
Portable Wireless Biomedical Temperature Monitoring SystemArchitecture and ImplementationEmbedded Projects2015 Download
Controller Area Network for Intelligent Vehicular SystemsEmbedded Projects2015 Download
A CAN Bus based System for Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis in TurbineEmbedded Projects2015 Download
Coal Mine Safety Monitoring System using WSN and Embedded Ethernet Embedded Projects2015 Download
Real Time Smart Meter with Embedded Web Server CapabilityEmbedded Projects2015 Download
Local Area Web Server for Wireless Robotic ControlEmbedded Projects2015 Download
Smart Home System Using Android ApplicationEmbedded Projects2015 Download
Wireless Remote Control Technology in Intelligent Buildings SystemEmbedded Projects2015 Download
Building Automation Through Web InterfaceEmbedded Projects2015 Download
Accessible Display Design to Control Home Area Networks Embedded Projects2015 Download
Environment Monitoring and Device Control using Embedded Controlled Sensor NetworkEmbedded Projects2015 Download
Child Left behind Warning System based on Force Sensitive ResistorEmbedded Projects2015 Download
Wireless based Load Control and Power Monitoring SystemEmbedded Projects2015 Download
A Smart Prepaid Energy Metering System to Control Electricity TheftEmbedded Projects2015 Download
Low Cost Electricity Meter Reading System using GSMEmbedded Projects2015 Download
Low Cost Wireless System for Measuring Energy Efficiency in IndustriesEmbedded Projects2015 Download
Automobile Antitheft system based on GPS GSMEmbedded Projects2015 Download
GSM based Condition Reporting System for Power Station EquipmentEmbedded Projects2015 Download
Device Control by using GSM NetworkEmbedded Projects2015 Download
GSM based Automatic Energy Meter Reading System with Instant BillingEmbedded Projects2015 Download
Speech Operated Wireless Family Living Supporting SystemEmbedded Projects2015 Download
The SpeechBot Speech Remote Operated Arm RobotEmbedded Projects2015 Download
Electronic Nose for Accident Prevention and Vehicle Black Box SystemEmbedded Projects2015 Download
Low Cost Fail Safe and Fail Operational Wireless Communication SystemEmbedded Projects2015 Download
E Street LED Powered Intelligent Street Lighting System with Automatic Brightness Adjustment based on Climatic Conditions and Vehicle MovementsEmbedded Projects2015 Download
Local Area Networked Industrial Data Collection and Controlling SystemEmbedded Projects2015 Download
Digital Eyes and Talking Assistive Device for People with Visual ImpairmentEmbedded Projects2015 Download
Paperless Office Multi Purpose Low Power Wireless Communication System for Corporate and Educational AreasEmbedded Projects2015 Download
Touchscreen Digital Slate for School Children based on QVGA Color TFT LCD DisplayEmbedded Projects2015 Download
Super Scope All in One Electronics Lab Assistant Device for Engineering StudentsEmbedded Projects2015 Download
SMS based Remote Fuel Cutoff for Stolen VehiclesEmbedded Projects2015 Download
Propeller Display An Innovative Rotating Display for Public Advertisement Time Date Words and Graphics Embedded Projects2015 Download
Personal ECG Machine with Heart Rate Measurement based on 3 Lead ECG Analog Front End and Graphics LCD DisplayEmbedded Projects2015 Download
Next Generation Smart Card ATM Card based on Touch Sense Gesture Recognition Technology Embedded Projects2015 Download
Next Generation Touchscreen E Voting System based on QVGA TFT Color LCD Display and Memory CardEmbedded Projects2015 Download
Gravity Lock Automobile Theft Prevention using Smart 3D Gesture Password Keyfob and Wireless CryptographyEmbedded Projects2015 Download
Early Flood Warning System based on River Water Level Measurement using Advanced MEMS Pressure SensorEmbedded Projects2015 Download
Driver Mobile Activity based Automatic Vehicle Control with Hands Free Auto Reply SMSEmbedded Projects2015 Download
Driver Assist Copilot System for Smart Vehicle Control using Front Collision Sensor and Head Movement SensorEmbedded Projects2015 Download
Auto Park Autonomous Self Parking Vehicle without Human Driver ControlEmbedded Projects2015 Download
Wearable Wireless Activity Tracking System for Fitness Improvement using ARM Cortex M3 Graphics LCD MEMS Sensor and WPANEmbedded Projects2015 Download
GPS Less Street Positioning System for Restaurant and ATM Locating based on ARM Cortex M3 and WPANEmbedded Projects2015 Download
Radio Frequency Grid based Anti Theft System for Highly Secured Indoor Locations based on ARM Cortex M3 WSN MEMS and GSMEmbedded Projects2015 Download
Riverside Network for Early Flood Warning System based on ARM Cortex M3 WSN and GSMEmbedded Projects2015 Download
Soil Area Network for Landslide Prediction and Prevention System based on ARM Cortex M3 WSN MEMS and GSMEmbedded Projects2015 Download
Traffic Light Area Network for Green Traffic Stops based on ARM Cortex M3 and WPANEmbedded Projects2015 Download
Microclimate Controlled Irrigation System for Rural Farmers based on ARM Cortex M3 WSN and GSMEmbedded Projects2015 Download
Rural and Suburban Public Transport Scheduling System based on ARM Cortex M3 WPAN and GSMEmbedded Projects2015 Download
Body Posture Encrypted Secure Health Monitoring System based on ARM Cortex M3 MEMS and Wireless Medical Sensor NetworkEmbedded Projects2015 Download
Wand Wizard 3D Gesture Recognition based Wireless Home Control SystemEmbedded Projects2015 Download
GPS Less Aircraft Collision Avoidance System with Advanced Graphical AirTraffic DisplayEmbedded Projects2015 Download
Drive by Wireless System for Vehicle Control using SteeringBrake Throttle Sensors And Servo Actuator WheelsEmbedded Projects2015 Download
Nanodust Nanodust Network for Tactical Border Surveillance System to Detect Classify and Track Enemy Intrusion using Acoustic Magnetic Thermal Vibration SignaturesEmbedded Projects2015 Download
HyGeneNet Intelligent Hand Hygiene Recording and Reminding System to Prevent Hospital Acquired InfectionsEmbedded Projects2015 Download
Relief Pilot Real Time Location based Adaptive Cruise Control System involving Driver Health and Head Distraction AnalysisEmbedded Projects2015 Download
S3D Servo Real Time Camera Platform Stabilization System based on 3 Axis Inertial Servo Control for Motion Tracking and HeliCopter Tilt CompensationEmbedded Projects2015 Download
Robo Servant High Tech Robotic Waiter with Touch Drawn Path Following Touch Select Color Menu MP3 Voice and Wireless TablesEmbedded Projects2015 Download
Student ePad Smart Wireless Teacher Student Interaction Device for Future Technology ClassroomEmbedded Projects2015 Download
eCall Automotive Telematics Unit and Google Maps Navigation Guidance Device for Faster Emergency Response TimesEmbedded Projects2015 Download
Super iPod Universal iPod TouchlessiDock Multi Format Portable Music Player With Touchless Gesture Sensing DockEmbedded Projects2015 Download
Digital Medical Prescription Device with Doctor Handwriting Recognition SystemEmbedded Projects2015 Download
Pocket Holter e Cardiac Analyzer with Multitouch Zoom Record Playback and SMS AlertEmbedded Projects2015 Download
Silicon Eyes GPS GSM based Talking Navigation Assistant for Visually Impaired People using Capacitive Touch Braille Keypad and Smart SMS FacilityEmbedded Projects2015 Download
3D Tracker GPS less 3D Inertial Navigation System for Multi Floor Indoor Positioning during Urban Combat OperationsEmbedded Projects2015 Download
Driverless Car Driverless Intelligent Vehicle for Future Public Transport based on GPS Guided Autopilot Robotic ImplementationEmbedded Projects2015 Download
TFT Ballot Next Generation E Voting System with Haptic Touchscreen Interface and Voice Feedback for Elderly and Blind UsersEmbedded Projects2015 Download
GPS Collar Smart GPS Collars for Wild Elephant Herd Movement Control across Virtual Forest Fence using Sound Stimulus and Micro VibratorsEmbedded Projects2015 Download
Map Builder Autonomous Building Map Exploration Robot for FirstResponder And Military OperationsEmbedded Projects2015 Download
Robo SIMRAN Driverless Train Control System with Real Time Train Tracking Facility based on Satellite Imaging for Rail Navigation and Onboard Disaster Prevention NetworkEmbedded Projects2015 Download
Mine Sweeper Autonomous Landmine Detection and GPS Mapping Robot based on Magnetic Signature Recognition of Unexploded Explosive MaterialsEmbedded Projects2015 Download
Driver Vigilance Advanced Driver Safety Awareness and Assistance System for Cognitive Vehicle ControlEmbedded Projects2015 Download
Hybrid Farm Microclimate Data Acquisition and Precision Irrigation Control based on Hybrid Wired Wireless Networking InfrastructureEmbedded Projects2015 Download
GPS Compound Virtual Security Zones for Student Tracking and Elderly Fall Alert based on GPS Watch and Skin Pressure Sensitive LockEmbedded Projects2015 Download
GPS Transport Automated Public Transport Fare Collection System based on Distance Traveled by Passenger and Rechargeable 2 4 GHz Contactless SmartcardEmbedded Projects2015 Download
Robo Parker Autonomous Self Parking and Self Retrieving Vehicle based on GPS Less Keyfob Position TrackingEmbedded Projects2015 Download
Student Scope Handheld All in One Electronics Lab Assistant Device with USB Connectivity for Engineering StudentsEmbedded Projects2015 Download
Intel Skull Augmented Reality Helmet for Road Hazard Warning Wireless Bike Authentication and Traffic Adaptive MP3 PlaybackEmbedded Projects2015 Download
Cortex Feet Foot Neuropathy Analyzer and Blood Flow Stimulator embedded in Smart Motion Sensing Shoes designed for Diabetic PatientsEmbedded Projects2015 Download
Super Lock Next Generation Auto Theft Prevention System using Smart Gravitational Lock Cryptographic Keyless Entry Touchscreen Ignition Ubiquitous Vehicle Tracking GPS fencing and Remote Fuel Cut offEmbedded Projects2015 Download
Tricorder Science Tricorder Device for Real World Scientific Exploration aimedto Trigger Intellectual Curiosity in Children and Younger GenerationEmbedded Projects2015 Download
Motorbike ESC Active Stability Control with ABS and Crash LocationSensing without GPS for E BicyclesEmbedded Projects2015 Download
Micro Receptionist Smart Visitor Guidance Robot with EmbeddedTouchscreen Panel featuring Onscreen Signature Verification Campus Map Problem Description Rendering and Multi Lingual VoiceEmbedded Projects2015 Download
HandiCom Handheld Deaf and Dumb Communication Device based onGesture to Voice and Speech to ImageEmbedded Projects2015 Download
GPS Patrol Deep Sea Fishermen Patrol System for Coastal Intruder Positioning and Inshore Fishery ControlEmbedded Projects2015 Download
Road Prophet Road Adaptive Overtake Assistance System based on SeeThrough Projector TechnologyEmbedded Projects2015 Download
Road LINK Car 2 X Communication System integrating VehiclesEmbedded Projects2015 Download
big LITTLE Digital Camera Equipped Big Robot Carries Thermal Imaging Capable Little Robot for conducting Coordinated Human Search Operations Embedded Projects2015 Download
Android Home Smart and Secure Electronic Housekeeper System with Multi Way Control and Monitoring Facility using AndroidEmbedded Projects2015 Download
Safe by Vision Vision based Advanced Driver Assistance and Safety System involving Forward Collision Mitigation and Lane Departure WarningEmbedded Projects2015 Download
NanoSat A Remote Sensing Nano Satellite running Hard Real Time Control and Communication System Sending Camera Images to Ground Control Nano Satellite StationEmbedded Projects2015 Download
Wrist Computer Gesture Recognition and Touchscreen Enabled Wearable Computer Connected with Android SmartphoneEmbedded Projects2015 Download
Android Car Automatic Park and Retrieve Assist System with Remote Start Remote Drive Remote AlertEmbedded Projects2015 Download
Micro Bank Handheld Secured Electronic Doorstep Banking SystemEmbedded Projects2015 Download
BOLT Voice Recognition Robotic Dog Guides Visually Impaired PeopleEmbedded Projects2015 Download

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