Project TitleDomain NameIEEE YearDOWNLOAD
File Fragmentation in Mobile Devices Measurement Evaluation and TreatmentAndroid2018 Download
Automatic Detection and Repair Recommendation of Directive Defects in Java API DocumentationAndroid2018 Download
AdCapsule Practical Confinement of Advertisements in Android ApplicationsAndroid2018 Download
SDQI Fall Detection System for ElderlyAndroid2018 Download
Improving Energy Efficiency of Android Devices by Preventing Redundant Frame GenerationAndroid2018 Download
BridgeTaint A Bi Directional Dynamic Taint Tracking Method for JavaScript Bridges in Android Hybrid ApplicationsAndroid2018 Download
Semantics Aware Privacy Risk Assessment Using Self Learning Weight Assignment for Mobile AppsAndroid2018 Download
Understanding JavaScript Vulnerabilities in Large Real World Android ApplicationsAndroid2018 Download
A Security Assessment of HCE NFC Enabled E Wallet Banking Android AppsAndroid2018 Download
A Large scale Study of Android Malware Development Phenomenon on Public Malware Submission and Scanning PlatformAndroid2018 Download
LEILA formaL tool for idEntifying mobIle maLicious behAviourAndroid2018 Download
An Evaluation of Cross Platform Frameworks for Multimedia Mobile Applications DevelopmentAndroid2018 Download
Automated Testing of Android Apps A Systematic Literature ReviewAndroid2018 Download
A Multimodal Deep Learning Method for Android Malware Detection Using Various FeaturesAndroid2018 Download
Mobile GUI Testing Fragility A Study on Open Source Android ApplicationsAndroid2018 Download
Android Malware Familial Classification and Representative Sample Selection via Frequent Subgraph AnalysisAndroid2018 Download
NDroid Toward Tracking Information Flows Across Multiple Android ContextsAndroid2018 Download
Click Sequence Prediction in Android Mobile ApplicationsAndroid2018 Download
Android Feedback Based Training Modulates Sensorimotor Rhythms During Motor ImageryAndroid2018 Download
Large scale Third party Library Detection in Android MarketsAndroid2018 Download

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