Project TitleDomain NameIEEE YearDOWNLOAD
Welcome Message from the IEEE Mobile Cloud 2019 General ChairsBlockChain2019 Download
Practical Hybrid Beamforming Schemes in Massive MIMO 5G NR SystemsBlockChain2019 Download
Channel wise and Spatial Feature Modulation Network for Single Image Super ResolutionBlockChain2019 Download
Boolean Minimization of Projected Sums of Products via Boolean RelationsBlockChain2019 Download
A Survey on Blockchain based Internet Service Architecture Requirements Challenges Trends and FutureBlockChain2019 Download
Modeling the dependence of single event transients on strike location for circuit level simulationBlockChain2019 Download
Blockchain Solution Reference Architecture BSRA BlockChain2019 Download
Building Redactable Consortium Blockchain for Industrial Internet of ThingsBlockChain2019 Download
Spectrum Assignment in Hardware Constrained Cognitive Radio IoT Networks Under Varying Channel Quality ConditionsBlockChain2019 Download
A Flexible Synthesis Framework of Structured Controllers for Networked SystemsBlockChain2019 Download
Food Safety Supervision System Based on Hierarchical Multi Domain Blockchain NetworkBlockChain2019 Download
Emerging trends in Internet of ThingsBlockChain2019 Download
Learning the Structured Sparsity 3D Massive MIMO Channel Estimation and Adaptive Spatial InterpolationBlockChain2019 Download
Local Electricity Storage for Blockchain based Energy Trading in Industrial Internet of ThingsBlockChain2019 Download
Cell Free Millimeter Wave Massive MIMO Systems With Limited Fronthaul CapacityBlockChain2019 Download
Standardization Status of Immersive Video CodingBlockChain2019 Download
Fully Digital Beamforming Receiver With a Real Time Calibration for 5G Mobile CommunicationBlockChain2019 Download
Joint Occlusion Detection and Phase Estimation Algorithm for Helicopter Satellite CommunicationBlockChain2019 Download
Optimizing Forward Error Correction Codes for COFDM with Reduced PAPRBlockChain2019 Download
Enhancing Downlink Transmission in MIMO HetNet with Wireless BackhaulBlockChain2019 Download
A Secure Efficient and Accountable Edge Based Access Control Framework for Information Centric NetworksBlockChain2019 Download
Exploring Adaptive Cache for Reconfigurable VLIW ProcessorBlockChain2019 Download
A Trusted ID Referenced Key Scheme for Securing SCADA Communication in Iron and Steel PlantsBlockChain2019 Download
Hardware Trojan Design on Neural NetworksBlockChain2019 Download
Security Issues and Challenges in IoTBlockChain2019 Download
Impacts of Mobility on Performance of Blockchain in VANETBlockChain2019 Download
Probabilistic Shaping Using 5G New Radio Polar CodesBlockChain2019 Download
A Literature Review on Bitcoin Transformation of Crypto Currency Into a Global PhenomenonBlockChain2019 Download
5 8 GHz Near Field Power Harvesting Circuitry Implemented in 14 nm CMOS TechnologyBlockChain2019 Download
A Dynamic Mode Decomposition Approach With Hankel Blocks to Forecast Multi Channel Temporal SeriesBlockChain2019 Download
Dynamic Scheduling of Hybrid Tasks With Time Windows in Data Relay Satellite NetworksBlockChain2019 Download
A Feedback Friendly Large Scale Clocking Scheme for Adiabatic Quantum Flux Parametron Logic DatapathsBlockChain2019 Download
Block based Carry Speculative Approximate Adder for Energy Efficient ApplicationsBlockChain2019 Download
A Novel 220 GHz GaN Diode On Chip Tripler With High Driven PowerBlockChain2019 Download
An Efficient Framework for Optimistic Concurrent Execution of Smart ContractsBlockChain2019 Download
The Main Limitations of Applying Blockchain Technology in the Field of EducationBlockChain2019 Download
Novel Calibration Technique for Wideband Transmitters Using Constellation MappingBlockChain2019 Download
Wallets and Crypto Terminals for Blockchain Introducing the Big Bang paradigmBlockChain2019 Download
Blockchain based smart energy trading platform using smart contractBlockChain2019 Download
The upcoming Blockchain adoption in Higher education requirements and processBlockChain2019 Download
JS Digital Assets Trading SystemBlockChain2019 Download
Super Resolution of Single Remote Sensing Image Based on Residual Dense Backprojection NetworksBlockChain2019 Download
Blockchain as a Tool for Financial Transparency in Development AidBlockChain2019 Download
Code Design Based on Connecting Spatially Coupled Graph ChainsBlockChain2019 Download
Research on Digital Copyright Management System Based on Blockchain TechnologyBlockChain2019 Download
Secure Social Media Spaces for Communities of Vulnerable PeopleBlockChain2019 Download
Cryptographic Primitives and Design Frameworks of Physical Layer Encryption for Wireless CommunicationsBlockChain2019 Download
Dynamic Key Generation for Polymorphic EncryptionBlockChain2019 Download
Communications under the Constraint of de chirp Channel DistortionBlockChain2019 Download
Analogue Radio Over Fiber Aided MIMO Design for the Learning Assisted Adaptive C RAN DownlinkBlockChain2019 Download
Dead Time Compensation for High flux Depth ImagingBlockChain2019 Download
Method of Fast Video InpaintingBlockChain2019 Download
White Box cryptography based data encryption decryption scheme for IoT environmentBlockChain2019 Download
Chained Compressed Sensing A Block Chain inspired Approach for Low cost Security in IoT SensingBlockChain2019 Download

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