Project TitleDomain NameIEEE YearDOWNLOAD
Collaborative Cloud and Edge Computing for Latency MinimizationCloud Computing  Download
EcoMobiFog Design and Dynamic Optimization of a 5G Mobile Fog Cloud Multi Tier Ecosystem for the Real Time Distributed Execution of Stream ApplicationsCloud Computing2019 Download
The 2019 11th International Conference on Knowledge and Smart Technology KST Cloud Computing2019 Download
Virtual Environments Testing as a Cloud service A Methodology for Protecting and Securing Virtual InfrastructuresCloud Computing2019 Download
Real time GPS tracking using serverless architecture and ARM processorCloud Computing2019 Download
An Energy Aware Algorithm for Virtual Machine Placement in Cloud ComputingCloud Computing2019 Download
Blood Viscosity based Heart Disease Risk Prediction Model in Edge Fog ComputingCloud Computing2019 Download
Performance Evaluation of OpenStack Networking TechnologiesCloud Computing2019 Download
Cloud Fog and Dew Robotics Architectures for Next Generation ApplicationsCloud Computing2019 Download
Collaborative Medical Inventory Resources Using Edge Computing A Solution to Serve Critical Healthcare Requirements at Public HospitalsCloud Computing2019 Download
A Novel Approach for Client Side Encryption in Cloud ComputingCloud Computing2019 Download
A Novel Architecture of Smart Healthcare System on Integration of Cloud Computing and IoTCloud Computing2019 Download
Osmotic Bio Inspired Load Balancing Algorithm in Cloud ComputingCloud Computing2019 Download
User Driven Dynamic Frequency Scaling for Power Aware Mobile Cloud TerminalsCloud Computing2019 Download
Legal Considerations of IoT Applications in Fog and Cloud EnvironmentsCloud Computing2019 Download
Cooperative Task Offloading in Three Tier Mobile Computing Networks An ADMM FrameworkCloud Computing2019 Download
Difference Comparison of SAP Oracle and Microsoft Solutions Based on Cloud ERP Systems A ReviewCloud Computing2019 Download
Moving Software Testing to the Cloud An Adoption Assessment Model Based on Fuzzy Multi Attribute Decision Making AlgorithmCloud Computing2019 Download
Virtual Edge Computing Using Vehicular Micro CloudsCloud Computing2019 Download
Modular FPGA Acceleration of Data Analytics in Heterogenous ComputingCloud Computing2019 Download
Openness and Security in Cloud Computing Services Assessment Methods and Investment Strategies AnalysisCloud Computing2019 Download
Efficient Resource Allocation for Crowd Cloud Assisted D2D Computation OffloadingCloud Computing2019 Download
Cost efficient Deployment of Big Data Applications in Federated Cloud SystemsCloud Computing2019 Download
A Hybrid Intrusion Detection System for Cloud Computing EnvironmentsCloud Computing2019 Download
Evaluation of Scheduling Techniques in Cloud Data Centers Simulation and ExperimentationCloud Computing2019 Download
Profiling Hemodynamic Application for Parallel Computing in the CloudCloud Computing2019 Download
Nutshell Simulation Toolkit for Modeling Data Center Networks and Cloud ComputingCloud Computing2019 Download
Distributed Decomposed Data Analytics in Fog Enabled IoT DeploymentsCloud Computing2019 Download
Tuning Genetic Algorithms for Resource Provisioning and Scheduling in Uncertain Cloud Environments Challenges and FindingsCloud Computing2019 Download
Towards Fault Tolerant Fog Computing for IoT Based Smart City ApplicationsCloud Computing2019 Download
Building Modern Clouds Using Docker Kubernetes Google Cloud PlatformCloud Computing2019 Download
Energy Aware Cloud Architecture for Intense Social Mobile Device to Device 5G Communications in Smart CityCloud Computing2019 Download
Prevention of Web Form Spamming for Cloud Based Applications A Proposed ModelCloud Computing2019 Download
Design of Secure Authenticated Key Management Protocol for Cloud Computing EnvironmentsCloud Computing2019 Download
Demonstration of Mobile Edge Cloud for 5G Connected CarsCloud Computing2019 Download
Cloud Based FPGA Custom Computing Machines for Streaming ApplicationsCloud Computing2019 Download
Voice Authentication System for Cloud NetworkCloud Computing2019 Download
Distributed Mechanism for Computation Offloading Task Routing in Mobile Edge Cloud NetworkCloud Computing2019 Download
Trajectory Aware Edge Node Clustering in Vehicular Edge CloudsCloud Computing2019 Download
Internet of Things Incorporation into Healthcare MonitoringCloud Computing2019 Download
Data Security in Cloud Computing Using Steganography A ReviewCloud Computing2019 Download
Efficient Energy Utilization in Fog Computing based Wireless Sensor NetworksCloud Computing2019 Download
Research of Access Control System Based on Attribute Encryption Technology that Suitable for Dispatching and Control CloudCloud Computing2019 Download
Mobile Edge Cloud for Robot Control Services in Industry AutomationCloud Computing2019 Download
When not to Offload Analyzing Offload Feasibility in Mobile Cloud ComputingCloud Computing2019 Download
Applications of SDN Enabled Optical Transport Network and Cloud Edge Computing TechnologyCloud Computing2019 Download
Adaptive Intellectual Decision Support System for Assessing Changes in Information States of Objects in Cloud Computing EnvironmentsCloud Computing2019 Download
IoT Based Predictive Model for Cloud SeedingCloud Computing2019 Download
ACO based Optimal Node Selection Method for QoE Improvement in MEC EnvironmentCloud Computing2019 Download
Profiling Performance of Application Partitioning for Wearable Devices in Mobile Cloud and Fog ComputingCloud Computing2019 Download
Optimal Pricing and Service Selection in the Mobile Cloud ArchitecturesCloud Computing2019 Download
Three tier fog networks Enabling IoT 5G for latency sensitive applicationsCloud Computing2019 Download
A Mobile Edge Computing Device to Support Data Collecting and Processing from IoTCloud Computing2019 Download
A Solution to Scientific Analysis Service in Data CloudCloud Computing2019 Download
A Study on Flat and Hierarchical System Deployment for Edge ComputingCloud Computing2019 Download
Cloud Computing Architecture for High volume ML based SolutionsCloud Computing2019 Download
Workflow Scheduling in Cloud Computing Using Memetic AlgorithmCloud Computing2019 Download
Design of a Cloud Platform for Digital HighwayCloud Computing2019 Download
Toward Secure Resource Allocation in Mobile Cloud Computing A Matching GameCloud Computing2019 Download
A Digital Ocean Cloud Platform Architecture Based on IPv6 Smart GatewayCloud Computing2019 Download
Data Capsule Representation of Heterogeneous Data in Cloud Edge ComputingCloud Computing2019 Download
Information risks in the cloud environment and cloud based secure information system modelCloud Computing2019 Download
Integration of IoT Edge Computing and Cloud Computing for Monitoring and Controlling Automated External Defibrillator Cabinets in Emergency Medical ServiceCloud Computing2019 Download
Autonomous network traffic control system based on intelligent edge computingCloud Computing2019 Download
A Study on the Needs for Enhancement of Personal Information Protection in Cloud Computing Security Certification SystemCloud Computing2019 Download
A Cloud based Model for Medical Diagnosis using Fuzzy Logic ConceptsCloud Computing2019 Download
Enhancing Reliability and Availability Through Redundancy in Vehicular CloudsCloud Computing2019 Download
Investigating the Schedulability of Periodic Real Time Tasks in Virtualized Cloud EnvironmentCloud Computing2019 Download
Overlit New Storage Driver for Localization and SpecializationCloud Computing2019 Download
A Multi task Scheduling Algorithm for Cloud RobotsCloud Computing2019 Download
BSP Based Strongly Connected Component Algorithm in Joint Cloud ComputingCloud Computing2019 Download
Cost Efficient Resource Provisioning for Dynamic Requests in Cloud Assisted Mobile Edge ComputingCloud Computing2019 Download
A Time driven Data Placement Strategy for a Scientific Workflow Combining Edge Computing and Cloud ComputingCloud Computing2019 Download
Smart Energy Management Cloud Platform Design Based on Offshore Wind FarmCloud Computing2019 Download
SD P2 a Novel Software Defined Public Internet Infrastructure for Joint Cloud ComputingCloud Computing2019 Download
Enviroment Monitoring Using Internet of Things Cloud BurstpredictionCloud Computing2019 Download
A Trust Based Agent Learning Model for Service Composition in Mobile Cloud Computing EnvironmentsCloud Computing2019 Download
An Advance Cryptographic Solutions in Cloud Computing SecurityCloud Computing2019 Download
Demonstration of a 5G Multi access Edge Cloud Enabled Smart Sorting Machine for Industry 4 0Cloud Computing2019 Download
Improving the Response Time of M Learning and Cloud Computing Environments Using a Dominant Firefly ApproachCloud Computing2019 Download
Energy efficient computation offloading and resource allocation in fog computing for Internet of EverythingCloud Computing2019 Download
A comparison and security analysis of the cloud computing software platformsCloud Computing2019 Download
Research on Cloud Performance Testing ModelCloud Computing2019 Download
Game Theoretical Multi user Computation Offloading for Mobile Edge Cloud ComputingCloud Computing2019 Download
Access Control based Efficient Hybrid Security Mechanisms for Cloud StorageCloud Computing2019 Download
Government Cloud Adoption and ArchitectureCloud Computing2019 Download
Fog Computing as a Complementary Approach to Cloud ComputingCloud Computing2019 Download
Framework modeling for User privacy in cloud computingCloud Computing2019 Download
Optimal Cloud Computing Resource Allocation For Centralized Radio Access NetworksCloud Computing2019 Download
A new Security Mechanism for Vehicular Cloud Computing Using Fog Computing SystemCloud Computing2019 Download
DBN Based Cloud Service Response Time Prediction MethodCloud Computing2019 Download
Improving The Efficiency of E Healthcare System Based on CloudCloud Computing2019 Download
Automated Cloud Infrastructure Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery using Docker with Robust Container SecurityCloud Computing2019 Download
A Novel Cost Optimization Method for Mobile Cloud Computing by Capacity Planning of Green Data Center With Dynamic PricingCloud Computing2019 Download
Essential Parameters of ASMAN Framework to Compare SSPs in Cloud ComputingCloud Computing2019 Download
Analysis of Detection and Prevention of Malware in Cloud Computing EnvironmentCloud Computing2019 Download
Security Requirements for Cloud based C4I Security ArchitectureCloud Computing2019 Download
A Security Model for the Enhancement of Data Privacy in Cloud ComputingCloud Computing2019 Download
Study on Deep Unsupervised Learning Optimization Algorithm Based on Cloud ComputingCloud Computing2019 Download
Creating Elasticity with Enhanced Weighted Optimization Load Balancing Algorithm in Cloud ComputingCloud Computing2019 Download
Energy efficient Machine to Machine M2M Communications in Virtualized Cellular Networks with Mobile Edge Computing MEC Cloud Computing2018 Download
Root Cause Analysis of Anomalies of Multitier Services in Public CloudsCloud Computing2018 Download
Towards Security based Formation of Cloud Federations A Game Theoretical ApproachCloud Computing2018 Download
Uncertainty Aware Online Scheduling for Real Time Workflows in Cloud Service EnvironmentCloud Computing2018 Download
Provably Secure Fine Grained Data Access Control over Multiple Cloud Servers in Mobile Cloud Computing Based Healthcare ApplicationsCloud Computing2018 Download
Deep learning detecting fraud in credit card transactionsCloud Computing2018 Download
Energy Efficient Dynamic Computation Offloading and Cooperative Task Scheduling in Mobile Cloud ComputingCloud Computing2018 Download
Resource Sharing of a Computing Access Point for Multi user Mobile Cloud Offloading with Delay ConstraintsCloud Computing2018 Download
An Efficient and Secured Framework for Mobile Cloud ComputingCloud Computing2018 Download
Privacy Preserving Tensor Based Multiple Clusterings on Cloud for Industrial IoTCloud Computing2018 Download
Firework Data Processing and Sharing for Hybrid Cloud Edge AnalyticsCloud Computing2018 Download
PrivateGraph Privacy Preserving Spectral Analysis of Encrypted Graphs in the CloudCloud Computing2018 Download
Performance Analysis and Modeling of Video Transcoding Using Heterogeneous CloudServicesCloud Computing2018 Download
A Thorough Trust and Reputation Based RBAC Model for Secure Data Storage in the CloudCloud Computing2018 Download
Scheduling Stochastic Multi Stage Jobs to Elastic Hybrid Cloud ResourcesCloud Computing2018 Download
CompVM A Complementary VM Allocation Mechanism for Cloud SystemsCloud Computing2018 Download
Docker Based Automatic Deployment for Nuclear Fusion Experimental Data Archive ClusterCloud Computing2018 Download
A Secure High Order CFS Algorithm on Clouds for Industrial Internet of ThingsCloud Computing2018 Download
Hedonic Pricing of Cloud Computing ServicesCloud Computing2018 Download
Cloud Computing for Education A Systematic Mapping StudyCloud Computing2018 Download
Towards Green Cloud Computing Demand Allocation and Pricing Policies for CloudService BrokerageCloud Computing2018 Download
CLASS Cloud Log Assuring Soundness and Secrecy Scheme for Cloud ForensicsCloud Computing2018 Download
Intelligent Health Vessel ABC DE An Electrocardiogram Cloud Computing ServiceCloud Computing2018 Download
Optimal Dynamic Cloud Network ControlCloud Computing2018 Download
Cost Efficient NFV Enabled Mobile Edge Cloud for Low Latency Mobile ApplicationsCloud Computing2018 Download
Joint Radio and Computational Resource Allocation in IoT Fog ComputingCloud Computing2018 Download
Secure Data Storage and Searching for Industrial IoT by Integrating Fog Computing and Cloud ComputingCloud Computing2018 Download
CrowdVision A Computing Platform for Video Crowdprocessing Using Deep LearningCloud Computing2018 Download
Compressed Sensing With Approximate Message Passing Using In Memory ComputingCloud Computing2018 Download
Collaborative Computation Offloading for Multiaccess Edge Computing Over Fiber Wireless NetworksCloud Computing2018 Download
Prediction Based Mobile Data Offloading in Mobile Cloud ComputingCloud Computing2018 Download
Efficient Retrieval Over Documents Encrypted by Attributes in Cloud ComputingCloud Computing2018 Download
Locality aware Scheduling for Containers in Cloud ComputingCloud Computing2018 Download
QoE aware Computation Offloading to Capture Energy Latency Pricing Tradeoff in Mobile CloudsCloud Computing2018 Download
Bidirectional Hetero Associative Memory Network With Flexible Sensors and CloudComputing for Blood Leakage Detection in Intravenous and Dialysis TherapyCloud Computing2018 Download
Distributed Apriori on cloud plateform without exposing individual transaction dataCloud Computing2018 Download
High Availability A Approach with DNS and Reverse Proxy in Multi CloudCloud Computing2018 Download
Secure Fine Grained Access Control and Data Sharing for Dynamic Groups in the CloudCloud Computing2018 Download
An Approach to Balance Maintenance Costs and Electricity Consumption in Cloud Data CentersCloud Computing2018 Download
Semantic Aware Searching Over Encrypted Data for Cloud ComputingCloud Computing2018 Download
Inter Bank Payment System on Enterprise Blockchain PlatformCloud Computing2018 Download
Minimize the Make span of Batched Requests for FPGA Pooling in Cloud ComputingCloud Computing2018 Download
Combining Data Owner Side and Cloud Side Access Control for Encrypted Cloud StorageCloud Computing2018 Download
Cooperative Set Homomorphic Proofs for Data Possession Checking in CloudsCloud Computing2018 Download
Computation Peer Offloading for Energy Constrained Mobile Edge Computing in Small Cell NetworksCloud Computing2018 Download
Joint Optimization of Radio and Virtual Machine Resources With Uncertain User Demands in Mobile Cloud ComputingCloud Computing2018 Download
Practical Design and Implementation of Cloud Computing for Power System Planning StudiesCloud Computing2018 Download
Exploiting Non Causal CPU State Information for Energy Efficient Mobile Cooperative ComputingCloud Computing2018 Download
A Robust Generic Multi Authority Attributes Management System for Cloud Storage ServicesCloud Computing2018 Download
Competitions Among Service Providers in Cloud Computing A New Economic ModelCloud Computing2018 Download
A Domain Partition Based Trust Model for Unreliable CloudsCloud Computing2018 Download
Price based Resource Allocation for Edge Computing A Market Equilibrium ApproachCloud Computing2018 Download
Dynamic Computation Offloading for Mobile Cloud Computing A Stochastic Game Theoretic ApproachCloud Computing2018 Download
Multi user Multi task Computation Offloading in Green Mobile Edge Cloud ComputingCloud Computing2018 Download
Hierarchical Cloud Computing Architecture for Context Aware IoT ServicesCloud Computing2018 Download
Joint Minimization of the Energy Costs From Computing Data Transmission and Migrations in Cloud Data CentersCloud Computing2018 Download
Virtual Network Recognition and Optimization in SDN enabled Cloud EnvironmentCloud Computing2018 Download
Profit Maximization for Cloud Brokers in Cloud ComputingCloud Computing2018 Download
Dependable Data Outsourcing Scheme Based on Cloud of Clouds Approach with Fast RecoveryCloud Computing2018 Download
Fast and Parallel Trust Computing Scheme Based on Big Data Analysis for Collaboration Cloud ServiceCloud Computing2018 Download
Paradoxical Correlation Pattern MiningCloud Computing2018 Download
Privacy Characterization and Quantification in Data PublishingCloud Computing2018 Download
Duplicate Reduction in Graph Mining Approaches Analysis and EvaluationCloud Computing2018 Download
Harnessing Multi source Data about Public Sentiments and Activities for Informed DesignCloud Computing2018 Download
Tensor Deep Learning Model for Heterogeneous Data Fusion in Internet of ThingsCloud Computing2018 Download
Unsupervised Nonnegative Adaptive Feature Extraction for Data RepresentationCloud Computing2018 Download
Approximate Order Sensitivek NN Queries over Correlated High Dimensional DataCloud Computing2018 Download
On Accelerating Source Code Analysis at Massive ScaleCloud Computing2018 Download
Urban Trajectory Analytics Day of Week Movement Pattern Mining Using Tensor FactorizationCloud Computing2018 Download
Efficient and Distributed Generalized Canonical Correlation Analysis for Big Multiview DataCloud Computing2018 Download
Dual Hypergraph Regularized PCA for Biclustering of Tumor Gene Expression DataCloud Computing2018 Download
Parallel Grid based Colocation Mining Algorithms on GPUs for Big Spatial Event DataCloud Computing2018 Download
DAG A General Model for Privacy Preserving Data MiningCloud Computing2018 Download
Corporate Communication Network and Stock Price Movements Insights From DataMiningCloud Computing2018 Download
A Two Phase Algorithm for Differentially Private Frequent Subgraph MiningCloud Computing2018 Download
Data Mining in Sports A Systematic ReviewCloud Computing2018 Download
A Status Report on IEEE Transactions on Cloud ComputingCloud Computing2015 Download
BDCaM Big Data for Context aware Monitoring A Personalized Knowledge Discovery Framework for Assisted HealthcareCloud Computing2015 Download
Tandem Equipment Arranged Architecture with Exhaust Heat Reuse System for Software defined Data Center InfrastructureCloud Computing2015 Download
Off Peak Energy optimization for links in virtualized Network EnvironmentCloud Computing2015 Download
Overflow Multi site aware big data management for scientific workflows on cloudsCloud Computing2015 Download
The value of Cooperation Minimizing user costs in Multi Broker Mobile cloud computing NetworksCloud Computing2015 Download
Attribute based access control with constant size ciphertext in cloud computingCloud Computing2015 Download
Cloud Computing for Earth Surface Deformation Analysis via Spaceborne Radar Imaging a Case StudyCloud Computing2015 Download
Delay optimized file retrieval under LT based cloud storageCloud Computing2015 Download
Semantic representation of cloud patterns and services with automated reasoning to support cloud application PortabilityCloud Computing2015 Download
Towards privacy preserving publishing of set valued Data on hybrid cloudCloud Computing2015 Download
A study of the perfomance of a cloud Datacenter ServerCloud Computing2015 Download
Implementing Design diversity using portfolio thinking to dynamically and adaptively manage the allocations of web services in the cloudCloud Computing2015 Download
Dynamic and Fault tolerant clustering for scientific workflowsCloud Computing2015 Download
A Stochastic approach to analysis of energy aware DVS Enabled cloud datacentersCloud Computing2015 Download
Truthful greedy mechanisms for dynamic virtual machine provisioning and alllocation in cloudsCloud Computing2015 Download
Reactive Resource provisioning Heuristics for dynamic dataflows on cloud infrastructureCloud Computing2015 Download
End to End Delay Minimization for scientific workflows in clouds under budget constraintCloud Computing2015 Download
Dynamic cloud instance acquisition via IAAS cloud brokerageCloud Computing2015 Download
Adaptive workflow scheduling on cloud computing platforms with iterative ordinal optimizationCloud Computing2015 Download
Workload Aware Credit Scheduler for Improving Network IO Performance in Virtualization EnvironmentCloud Computing2015 Download
Virtualization Technology for TCPIP Offload EngineCloud Computing2015 Download
Transformation based Monetary Cost Optimizations for Workflows in the CloudCloud Computing2015 Download
Thermal Aware Scheduling of Batch Jobs in Geographically Distributed Data CentersCloud Computing2015 Download
Scalable Analytics for IaaS Cloud AvailabilityCloud Computing2015 Download
QoS Guaranteed Bandwidth Shifting and Redistribution in Mobile Cloud EnvironmentCloud Computing2015 Download
Probabilistic consolidation of virtual machines in self organizing cloud data centersCloud Computing2015 Download
Performance and cost evaluation of an adaptive encryption architecture for cloud database servicesCloud Computing2015 Download
Oruta Privacy Preserving Public Auditing for Shared Data in the CloudCloud Computing2015 Download
Multi objective Game Theory based Schedule Optimization for Bags of Tasks on Hybrid CloudsCloud Computing2015 Download
Is the same instance type created equal Exploiting heterogeneity of public cloudsCloud Computing2015 Download
Integrity for join queries in the cloudCloud Computing2015 Download
Hybrid attribute and re encryption based key management for secure and scalable mobile applications in cloudsCloud Computing2015 Download
Dynamic cloud pricing for revenue maximizationCloud Computing2015 Download
Decreasing Impact of SLA Violations A Proactive Resource Allocation Approach for Cloud Computing EnvironmentsCloud Computing2015 Download
Deadline based Resource Provisioning and Scheduling Algorithm for Scientific Workflows on CloudsCloud Computing2015 Download
Compatibility aware Cloud Service Composition Under Fuzzy Preferences of UsersCloud Computing2015 Download
Cloud migration research a systematic reviewCloud Computing2015 Download
Analysis Modeling and Simulation of Workload Patterns in a Large Scale Utility CloudCloud Computing2015 Download
Adaptive Algorithm for Minimizing Cloud Task Length with Prediction ErrorsCloud Computing2015 Download
A Hyper Heuristic Scheduling Algorithm for CloudCloud Computing2015 Download
A combinatorial auction based mechanism for dynamic vm provisioning and allocation in cloudsCloud Computing2015 Download
Cloud based emails boundaries and vulnerabilities Cloud Computing2013-2014 Download
Privacy Preserving Delegated Access Control in Public Clouds Cloud Computing2013-2014 Download
Scalable and Secure Sharing of Personal Health Records in Cloud Computing Using Attribute Based Encryption Cloud Computing2013-2014 Download
Attribute based Access to Scalable Media in Cloud assisted Content Sharing Networks Cloud Computing2013-2014 Download

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