Project TitleDomain NameIEEE YearDOWNLOAD
Coordination Strategy for Decentralized Reactive Power Optimization Based on a Probing MechanismCommunication in Matlab2016 Download
Coordinated Day Ahead Reactive Power Dispatch in Distribution Network Based on Real Power Forecast ErrorsCommunication in Matlab2016 Download
Coordination Strategy for Decentralized Reactive Power Optimization Based on a Probing MechanismCommunication in Matlab2016 Download
Optimal Reactive Power Dispatch for Voltage Regulation in Unbalanced Distribution SystemsCommunication in Matlab2016 Download
Efficient and Effective Full Wave Analysis of the Instantaneous and Average Behaviors of Time Modulated ArraysCommunication in Matlab2016 Download
Capacity Enhancement of Ad Hoc Networks Using a New Single RF Compact Beamforming SchemeCommunication in Matlab2016 Download
Design of a Wideband Horizontally Polarized Omnidirectional Antenna With Mutual Coupling MethodCommunication in Matlab2016 Download
The Impact of Network Size and Mobility on Information Delivery in Cognitive Radio NetworksCommunication in Matlab2016 Download
Energy Efficient Power Allocation Schemes for a Two User Network Coded Cooperative Cognitive Radio NetworkCommunication in Matlab2016 Download
Joint Beamforming Power and Channel Allocation in Multiuser and Multichannel Underlay MISO Cognitive Radio NetworksCommunication in Matlab2016 Download
PAPR Constrained Power Allocation for Multicarrier Transmission in Multiuser SIMO CommunicationsCommunication in Matlab2016 Download
Intra and Inter Cell Resource Management in Full Duplex Heterogeneous Cellular NetworksCommunication in Matlab2016 Download
Resource Allocation for Multiple Sources Single Relay Cooperative Communication OFDMA SystemsCommunication in Matlab2016 Download
Artificial Noise Aided Secrecy Information and Power Transfer in OFDMA SystemsCommunication in Matlab2016 Download
Limited Rate Feedback Scheme for Resource Allocation in Secure Relay Assisted OFDMA NetworksCommunication in Matlab2016 Download
Scheduling and Resource Allocation in Downlink Multiuser MIMO OFDMA SystemsCommunication in Matlab2016 Download
Robust Joint Resource Allocation for OFDMA CDMA Spectrum Refarming SystemCommunication in Matlab2016 Download
Full Duplex Wireless Communications Challenges Solutions and Future Research DirectionsCommunication in Matlab2016 Download
Feasibility Study on Aircraft Positioning by Using ISDB T Signal DelayCommunication in Matlab2016 Download
Maximum Lifetime Strategy for Target Monitoring with Controlled Node Mobility in Sensor Networks with ObstaclesCommunication in Matlab2016 Download
Precoding in Multigateway Multibeam Satellite SystemsCommunication in Matlab2016 Download
Layered Multi Group Steered Space Time Shift Keying for Millimeter Wave CommunicationsCommunication in Matlab2016 Download
Bias free operational UTC PD above 110 GHz and its application to high baud rate fixed fiber communication and W band photonic wireless communicationCommunication in Matlab2016 Download
Efficient Certificateless Access Control for Wireless Body Area NetworksCommunication in Matlab2016 Download
Shadowed Fading in Indoor Off Body Communications Channels A Statistical Characterization using the K M Gamma Composite Fading ModelCommunication in Matlab2016 Download
A Multiuser Detection Algorithm in the Uplink SC FDMA System for Green Communication networkCommunication in Matlab2016 Download
Coalitional Games for joint Co tier and Cross tier Cooperative Spectrum Sharing in Dense Heterogeneous NetworksCommunication in Matlab2016 Download
Switched Diversity Techniques for Indoor Off body Communications Channels An Experimental Analysis and ModelingCommunication in Matlab2016 Download
Scalable Reliable IoT Enabled By Dynamic Spectrum Management for M2M in LTE ACommunication in Matlab2016 Download
Estimating Mobile Traffic Demand using TwitterCommunication in Matlab2016 Download
Accurate and Stable Run Time Power Modeling for Mobile and Embedded CPUsCommunication in Matlab2016 Download
MiraMap A We government Tool for Smart Peripheries in Smart CitiesCommunication in Matlab2016 Download
Greener CAT Smarter Phones for Future Cities Characterizing the Impact of GPS Signal Strength on Power ConsumptionCommunication in Matlab2016 Download
ICCDetector ICC Based Malware Detection on CATroidCommunication in Matlab2016 Download
Designing a Secure Exam Management System SEMS for M Learning EnvironmentsCommunication in Matlab2016 Download
Wireless Monitoring of Endogenous CAT Exogenous Biomolecules on an CATroidTM InterfaceCommunication in Matlab2016 Download
Automatically Recommending Peer Reviewers in Modern Code ReviewCommunication in Matlab2016 Download
Refactoring for Asynchronous Execution on MobileCommunication in Matlab2016 Download
RTDroid A Design for Real Time CATroidCommunication in Matlab2016 Download
Content Centric Energy Management of Mobile displaysCommunication in Matlab2016 Download
A secure Usable CAT transparent Middleware for Permission Managers on CATroidCommunication in Matlab2016 Download
SemanticSlAM Using Environment LCATmark for unsupervised INDOOR LocalizationCommunication in Matlab2016 Download
An integrated simulation framework to Model Electric Vehicle operations CAT servicesCommunication in Matlab2016 Download
My Privacy My Decision Control of Photo sharing on Social Networks Communication in Matlab2016 Download
Using Viewing Statistics to Control Energy CAT Traffic Overhead in Mobile Video StreamingCommunication in Matlab2016 Download
Diagnosing Energy Efficiency CAT Performance for mobile Inter Netware applications Challenges CAT OpportunitiesCommunication in Matlab2016 Download

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