Project TitleDomain NameIEEE YearDOWNLOAD
K Means Clustering Algorithm using HadoopHadoop (Big Data)2013 Download
Page Rank using web miningHadoop (Big Data)2013 Download
MapReduce Streaming based data processing framework for multicore platformHadoop (Big Data)2013 Download
Degraded First Scheduling for MapReduce in Erasure Coded StorageHadoop (Big Data)2013 Download
A Keyword driven System level Automatic Testing Framework Towards Hadoop based ApplicationsHadoop (Big Data)2013 Download
A Hadoop MapReduce based tool for training Latent Dirichlet Allocation modelsHadoop (Big Data)2013 Download
A Hadoop based web crawler and data mining toolHadoop (Big Data)2013 Download
Roughset Feature Selection in HadoopHadoop (Big Data)2013 Download
Frequent Itemset Mining Using Hadoop TechniquesHadoop (Big Data)2013 Download

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