Project TitleDomain NameIEEE YearDOWNLOAD
MR Edge a MapReduce based Protocol for IoT Edge Computing with Resource ConstraintsIOT2019 Download
A feature ranking framework for IoT device classificationIOT2019 Download
Enhancing IoT Security and Privacy Using Distributed Ledgers with IOTA and the TangleIOT2019 Download
Securing IoT PlatformsIOT2019 Download
ARCA IoT An Attack Resilient Cloud Assisted IoT SystemIOT2019 Download
A Process Model for Elastic and Resilient IoT Applications with Emergent BehaviorsIOT2019 Download
IoT System for Implementation of Connected LightingIOT2019 Download
An IoT gateway with the information centric communicationIOT2019 Download
An IoT Solution for Secured and Remote Sound Level MonitoringIOT2019 Download
IoT and Cloud Based Energy Monitoring and Simulation PlatformIOT2019 Download
A low cost monitoring system for maximum power point of a photovoltaic system using IoT techniqueIOT2019 Download
IoT in the Agribusiness a Power Consumption ViewIOT2019 Download
An Input Power Aware Efficiency Tracking Technique for Energy Harvesters in IoTIOT2019 Download
Preservation of Cultural Heritage Sites using IoTIOT2019 Download
19 2 A 6 4pJ Cycle Self Tuning Cortex M0 IoT Processor Based on Leakage Ratio Measurement for Energy Optimal Operation Across Wide Range PVT VariationIOT2019 Download
IoT Based Interactive Dual Mode Smart Home AutomationIOT2019 Download
5 2 Energy Efficient Low Noise CMOS Image Sensor with Capacitor Array Assisted Charge Injection SAR ADC for Motion Triggered Low Power IoT ApplicationsIOT2019 Download
A Distributed MQTT Broker System for Location based IoT ApplicationsIOT2019 Download
A Narrative Analysis on Deep Learning in IoT based Medical Big Data Analysis with Future PerspectivesIOT2019 Download
Towards Robust Synchronization in IoT NetworksIOT2019 Download
A Lightweight Payment Verification Protocol for Blockchain Transactions on IoT DevicesIOT2019 Download
The Service Scenario of Road Environment Improvement Based on Crowd Sourcing for Smart CityIOT2019 Download
Lightweight IoT Group Key Establishment Scheme From the One Time PadIOT2019 Download
Distance Based Virtual Network Embedding to Achieve Resilient Cooperative IoT ServicesIOT2019 Download
Precision Agriculture for Small to Medium Size Farmers An IoT ApproachIOT2019 Download
System Designing and Plototyping on IoT for a FactoryIOT2019 Download
An Educational IoT based Indoor Environment Monitoring SystemIOT2019 Download
IoT Based Poultry House MonitoringIOT2019 Download
Modeling of Aggregated IoT Traffic and Its Application to an IoT CloudIOT2019 Download
A Double Pumped Single Line Cache SRAM Architecture for Ultra low Energy IoT and Machine Learning ApplicationsIOT2019 Download
An Affordable IoT Edge Platform for Digital Farming in Developing RegionsIOT2019 Download
SCC Storage Compression Consensus for Blockchain in Lightweight IoT NetworkIOT2019 Download
A Machine Learning Based Channel Assignment Algorithm for IoTIOT2019 Download
IIP3 Improvement in Subthreshold LNAs Using Modified Derivative Superposition Technique for IoT ApplicationsIOT2019 Download
Design of Power Saving Schemes for the IoTIOT2019 Download
Demonstration of Reliable IoT Distributed Storage using Network CodesIOT2019 Download
Dynamic Joint PHY MAC Waveform Design for IoT ConnectivityIOT2019 Download
Integration of OneM2M based IoT Service Platform and Mixed Reality DeviceIOT2019 Download
Demo Fog Based Framework for IoT Service OrchestrationIOT2019 Download
IoT Based Predictive Model for Cloud SeedingIOT2019 Download
Sensor Abnormal Detection and Recovery Using Machine Learning for IoT Sensing SystemsIOT2019 Download
Demystifying IoT Security An Exhaustive Survey on IoT Vulnerabilities and a First Empirical Look on Internet scale IoT ExploitationsIOT2019 Download
Design and Implementation of SENSEP ACK An IoT Based Mushroom Cultivation Monitoring SystemIOT2019 Download
The development of IoT wetting front detector IOT WFD for efficient Irrigation management and decision support systemIOT2019 Download
IoT Security Issues and Light Weight Block CipherIOT2019 Download
Smart Water Management System using the Microcontroller ZR16S08 as IoT SolutionIOT2019 Download
Research and Design of Parking Detector Based on NB IoT and GeomagnetismIOT2019 Download
IoT Based Express Lanes for Autonomous VehicleIOT2019 Download
Design of a Smart Independent Smoke Sense System Based on NB IoT TechnologyIOT2019 Download
IoT Based Intelligent Industry Monitoring SystemIOT2019 Download
Conceptual Framework of Smart Device for Smart Home Management Based on RFID and IoTIOT2019 Download
A Mobile Edge Computing Device to Support Data Collecting and Processing from IoTIOT2019 Download
An InterPlanetary File System IPFS based IoT frameworkIOT2019 Download
Analysis of IoT Platform Security A SurveyIOT2019 Download
Simplified Stream Discharge Estimation for Hydrological Application based on NB IoT DeploymentIOT2019 Download
Smart Poultry Farm Incorporating GSM and IoTIOT2019 Download
Smart Health Monitoring System through IOTIOT2019 Download
A Smart Home Automation and Metering System using Internet of Things IoT IOT2019 Download
IOT Solutions for HospitalsIOT2019 Download
A Review on Benefits of IoT Integrated Blockchain based Supply Chain Management Implementations across Different Sectors with Case StudyIOT2019 Download
IOT Multitasking Design of Smart phone application for systematic execution and scheduling in real time environmentIOT2019 Download
iWATT Architecture and design of web based IoT application development toolkitIOT2019 Download
Designing and Implementing Resilient IoT Applications in the Fog A Smart Home Use CaseIOT2019 Download
IoT based smart garbage monitoring collection system using WeMos Ultrasonic sensorsIOT2019 Download
Integration of IoT and Smart Grid to Reduce Line LossesIOT2019 Download
Domicile An IoT Based Smart Home Automation SystemIOT2019 Download
Analysis of the Narrow Band Internet of Things NB IoT TechnologyIOT2019 Download
Development of Smart Cooking Stove Harvesting Energy from the Heat Gas Leakage Detection and IoT Based Notification SystemIOT2019 Download
Elimination Yield Based Collision Resolution Protocol for Dense IoT NetworksIOT2019 Download
Model for User Customization in wearable Virtual Reality Devices with IoT for Low Vision IOT2019 Download
Lifestyle analysis with IoT data acquired from coffee roaster for service developmentIOT2019 Download
Design and Implementation of an IoT based Automated Agricultural Monitoring and Control SystemIOT2019 Download
An IoT based Drug Delivery System for Refractory EpilepsyIOT2019 Download
Prototype User Authentication Scheme for IoT Using NFCIOT2019 Download
Towards Better Routing Protocols for IoTIOT2019 Download
Cooperation Between Heterogeneous IoT Devices Using iHAC HubIOT2019 Download
Web Based Gesture Recognition System for Controlling Heterogeneous IoT devices using Deep LearningIOT2019 Download
Deep Learning for IoT Communications Invited PresentationIOT2019 Download
Quantum IoT A Quantum Approach in IoT Security MaintenanceIOT2019 Download
Analysis of Wireless Signature Feature Sets for Commercial IoT Devices Invited PresentationIOT2019 Download
Security Assessment of Blockchains in Heterogenous IoT Networks Invited PresentationIOT2019 Download
Opportunistic Internet of Things IoT Demystifying the Effective Possibilities of Opportunisitc Networks Towards IoTIOT2019 Download
Deep Learning Models for Cyber Security in IoT NetworksIOT2019 Download
Survey on the Application of BlockChain to IoTIOT2019 Download
Enhanced IoT Based Online Access Control System for Vehicles in Truck Loading Fuels TerminalsIOT2019 Download
The 2019 11th International Conference on Knowledge and Smart Technology KST IOT2019 Download
Business Continuity Management Framework of Internet of Things IoT IOT2019 Download
Invited Paper Semantic IoT Data Description and Discovery in the IoT Edge Fog Cloud InfrastructureIOT2019 Download
Business Models Leveraging IoT and Cognitive ComputingIOT2019 Download
RFL IoT An IoT Reconfiguration Framework Applied Fuzzy Logic for Context ManagementIOT2019 Download
Design and Development of IoT Plugin for HPCC SystemsIOT2019 Download
Framework of Big data Analysis about IoT Home device for supporting a decision making an effective strategy about new product designIOT2019 Download
A Study on IoT Device Authentication Protocol for High Speed and LightweightIOT2019 Download
Blockchain based secure firmware management system in IoT environmentIOT2019 Download
A Lightweight and Secure IoT Remote Monitoring Mechanism Using DNS with Privacy PreservationIOT2019 Download
AD IoT Anomaly Detection of IoT Cyberattacks in Smart City Using Machine LearningIOT2019 Download
A Voice Based One Step Solution for Bulk IoT Device OnboardingIOT2019 Download
Multiple UAVs based Surveillance and Reconnaissance System Utilizing IoT PlatformIOT2019 Download
IEEE Approved Draft Standard for an Architectural Framework for the Internet of Things IOT2019 Download

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