Project TitleDomain NameIEEE YearDOWNLOAD
On Detecting Hidden Wireless Cameras A Traffic Pattern based ApproachMobile Computing2019 Download
A Context aware Framework for Detecting Sensor based Threats on Smart DevicesMobile Computing2019 Download
High Speed LED to Camera Communication using Color Shift Keying with Flicker MitigationMobile Computing2019 Download
DeepWear Adaptive Local Offloading for On Wearable Deep LearningMobile Computing2019 Download
Draw It As Shown Behavioral Pattern Lock for Mobile User AuthenticationMobile Computing2019 Download
Interactive Context for Mobile OS Resource ManagementMobile Computing2019 Download
A smartphone application for automated decision support in cognitive task based evaluation of central nervous system motor disordersMobile Computing2019 Download
Methodology and Mobile Application for Driver Behavior Analysis and Accident PreventionMobile Computing2019 Download
The Development of an Internet of Things Mobile Application for Tracking an Electric Bus in a CampusMobile Computing2019 Download
Researches on A Tele operated Robot Based on Wi FiMobile Computing2019 Download
Applications Startups Predicting Future of Smartphones ApplicationsMobile Computing2019 Download
EmoKey An Emotion aware Smartphone Keyboard for Mental Health MonitoringMobile Computing2019 Download
ZnO MoS2 Based Enhanced Humidity Sensor Prototype With Android App Interface for Mobile PlatformMobile Computing2019 Download
Demo DroidNet An Android Permission Control Recommendation System Based on CrowdsourcingMobile Computing2019 Download
Accident Alert System Application Using a Privacy Preserving Blockchain Based Incentive MechanismMobile Computing2019 Download
EasyFind A Mobile Crowdsourced Guiding System with Lost Item Finding Based on IoT TechnologiesMobile Computing2019 Download
Algorithms for Estimating the Location of Remote Nodes Using SmartphonesMobile Computing2019 Download
Adversarial Attacks on Mobile Malware DetectionMobile Computing2019 Download
IMIAD Intelligent Malware Identification for Android PlatformMobile Computing2019 Download
Voice Recognition based intelligent Wheelchair and GPS Tracking SystemMobile Computing2019 Download
Privacy and Security Analysis of Cryptocurrency Mobile ApplicationsMobile Computing2019 Download
Smart Switching System Using Bluetooth TechnologyMobile Computing2019 Download
Evaluation Framework for Detecting Manipulated Smartphone DataMobile Computing2019 Download
Towards Multimodal Learning for Android Malware DetectionMobile Computing2019 Download
Bring your own Sensor Use your Android Smartphone as a Sensing PlatformMobile Computing2019 Download
Wormhole attack detection algorithms in wireless network coding systemsMobile Computing2015 Download
Towards maximizing timely content delievery in delay tolerant networksMobile Computing2015 Download
The Stability region of the delay in Pareto opportunistic networksMobile Computing2015 Download
Privacy preserving and truthful detection of packet dropping attacks in wireless adhoc networksMobile Computing2015 Download
Mobile data gathering with load balanced clustering and dual data uploading in wireless sensor networksMobile Computing2015 Download
Max contribution an online approximation of optimal resource allocation in delay Tolerant NetworksMobile Computing2015 Download
Interference based topology control algorithm for delay constrained mobile adhoc networksMobile Computing2015 Download
Impact of location popularity on throughput and delay in mobile adhoc networksMobile Computing2015 Download
High throughput reliable muticast in multi hop wireless mesh networksMobile Computing2015 Download
Forwarding redundancy in opportunistic mobile networks investigation Elimination and ExploitationMobile Computing2015 Download
Cooperative load balancing and dynamic channel allocation for cluster based mobile Adhoc NetworksMobile Computing2015 Download
COCOWA A collaborative contact based watchdog for detecting selfish nodesMobile Computing2015 Download
Attack resilient mix zones over road networks architecture and algorithmsMobile Computing2015 Download
A historical beacon aided localization algorithm for mobile sensor networksMobile Computing2015 Download
White Rate A Context Aware Approach to Wireless Rate AdaptationMobile Computing2015 Download
Two Tier Het Nets with Cognitive Femto cells Downlink Performance Modeling and Analysis in a Multichannel EnvironmentMobile Computing2015 Download
Security Analysis of Handover Key Management in 4G LTESAE NetworksMobile Computing2015 Download
RF Sensing of Activities from Non Cooperative Subjects in Device Free Recognition Systems Using Ambient and Local SignalsMobile Computing2015 Download
Radio Resource Allocation and Green Operation for Mobile Access Networks Based on Radio over FiberMobile Computing2015 Download
Profiling aquatic diffusion process using robotic sensor networksMobile Computing2015 Download
Optimizing Spatial and Temporal Reuse in Wireless Networks by Decentralized Partially Observable Markov Decision ProcessesMobile Computing2015 Download
Opportunistic Channel Sharing in Cognitive Radio NetworksMobile Computing2015 Download
Minimum Latency Multiple Data MULE Trajectory Planning in Wireless Sensor NetworksMobile Computing2015 Download
Investigating the Privacy versus Forwarding Accuracy Tradeoff in Opportunistic Interest CastingMobile Computing2015 Download
Face to Face Proximity Estimation Using Bluetooth on Smart phonesMobile Computing2015 Download
Evaluating Service Disciplines for On Demand Mobile Data Collection in Sensor NetworksMobile Computing2015 Download
Efficient Rekeying Framework for SecureMobile Computing2015 Download
Efficient Authentication for Mobile and Pervasive ComputingMobile Computing2015 Download
DOTS A Propagation Delay Aware Opportunistic MAC Protocol for Mobile Underwater NetworksMobile Computing2015 Download
Data Retrieval Scheduling for Multi Item Requests in Multi Channel Wireless Broadcast EnvironmentsMobile Computing2015 Download
Capacitive Touch Communication A Technique to Input Data through Devices Touch ScreenMobile Computing2015 Download
Calibrating Indoor Positioning SystemsMobile Computing2015 Download
An Automatic Robust and Efficient Multi User Breadcrumb System for Emergency Response ApplicationsMobile Computing2015 Download
A Two Phase Dispatch Heuristic to Schedule the Movement of Multi Attribute Mobile Sensors in a Hybrid Wireless Sensor NetworkMobile Computing2015 Download
EMAP Expedite Message Authentication Protocol for Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks Mobile Computing2013 Download
On Quality of Monitoring for Multi channel Wireless Infrastructure Networks Mobile Computing2013 Download
Optimal Multicast Capacity and Delay Tradeoffs in MANETs Mobile Computing2013 Download

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