Project TitleDomain NameIEEE YearDOWNLOAD
Virtual Reality Is Taking the Hurt Out of PainVirtual Reality2019 Download
Fog Computing as an Enabler for Immersive Media Service Scenarios and Research OpportunitiesVirtual Reality2019 Download
Furion Engineering High Quality Immersive Virtual Reality on Today s Mobile DevicesVirtual Reality2019 Download
The Design and Implementation of a VR Gun Controller with Haptic FeedbackVirtual Reality2019 Download
Comparison of Multi Layer Perceptron and Cascade Feed Forward Neural Network for Head Related Transfer Function InterpolationVirtual Reality2019 Download
Not Alone Here Scalability and User Experience of Embodied Ambient Crowds in Distributed Social Virtual RealityVirtual Reality2019 Download
Technology Acceptance Model for 3D Virtual Reality System in Luxury Brands Online StoresVirtual Reality2019 Download
Human Centered Ergonomic Wearable Device with Computer Vision Augmented Intelligence for VR Multimodal Human Smart Home Object InteractionVirtual Reality2019 Download
A Novel Framework of Hand Localization and Hand Pose EstimationVirtual Reality2019 Download
A Cloud Based Real Time Polluted Gas Spread Simulation Approach on Virtual Reality NetworkingVirtual Reality2019 Download
The Study on the Implementation of Multi Axis Cutting Cyber Physical System on Unity 3D PlatformVirtual Reality2019 Download
Prototyping Interactive Multimodal VR Epidural AdministrationVirtual Reality2019 Download
Deep Learning Algorithm using Virtual Environment Data for Self driving CarVirtual Reality2019 Download
Watching Sports in Augmented RealityVirtual Reality2019 Download
Design of Virtual Guiding Tasks With Haptic Feedback for Assessing the Wrist Motor Function of Patients With Upper Motor Neuron LesionsVirtual Reality2019 Download
Interaction of Visual and Haptic Impressions in Visuo haptic Texture CognitionVirtual Reality2019 Download
Evaluation of Scoring Functions for Large Scale Application of Virtual Screening in the Identification of Novel Beta Lactamase InhibitorsVirtual Reality2019 Download
Visual Haptic Colocation in Robotic Rehabilitation Exercises Using a 2D Augmented Reality DisplayVirtual Reality2019 Download
Mixed reality homework systemVirtual Reality2019 Download
Towards Quality of Experience Models for Watching 360 Videos in Head Mounted Virtual RealityVirtual Reality2019 Download
Orientation Perception in Real and Virtual EnvironmentsVirtual Reality2019 Download
PIM VR Erasing Motion Anomalies In Highly Interactive Virtual Reality World with Customized Memory CubeVirtual Reality2019 Download
Tailored Virtual Reality for Smart PhysiotherapyVirtual Reality2019 Download
Multi Window 3D Interaction for Collaborative Virtual RealityVirtual Reality2019 Download
Fiducial Marker Approach for Biomechanical Smartphone Based MeasurementsVirtual Reality2019 Download
Developing Virtual Reality Visualizations for Unsteady Flow Analysis of Dinosaur Track Formation using Scientific SketchingVirtual Reality2019 Download
Joint Radio Communication Caching and Computing Design for Mobile Virtual Reality Delivery in Fog Radio Access NetworksVirtual Reality2019 Download
Application of the Relative Visual Performance Model in a Virtual Reality Immersive SystemVirtual Reality2019 Download
Design and Implementation of 3D Virtual Campus Online Interaction Based on Untiy3DVirtual Reality2019 Download
Influence of Network Delay in Virtual Reality Multiplayer Exergames Who is actually delayed Virtual Reality2019 Download
Sea Ice Change Detection in SAR Images Based on Convolutional Wavelet Neural NetworksVirtual Reality2019 Download
A personalized Virtual Reality Experience for Relaxation TherapyVirtual Reality2019 Download
Minimum Audible Movement Angle in Virtual Auditory Environment Effect of Stimulus FrequencyVirtual Reality2019 Download
An Electrooculogram Based Interaction Method and Its Music on Demand Application in a Virtual Reality EnvironmentVirtual Reality2019 Download
Kinect Based Virtual Try on System A Case StudyVirtual Reality2019 Download
Prototyping an Augmented Reality Maintenance and Repairing System for a Deep Well Vertical Turbine PumpVirtual Reality2019 Download
Anxiety detection from Electrodermal Activity Sensor with movement interaction during Virtual Reality SimulationVirtual Reality2019 Download
Multi scale Vehicle Re identification Using Self adapting Label Smoothing RegularizationVirtual Reality2019 Download
Force Arrow 2 A Novel Pseudo Haptic Interface for Weight Perception in Lifting Virtual ObjectsVirtual Reality2019 Download
Evaluation of Omnipresent Virtual Agents Embedded as Temporarily Required Assistants in Immersive EnvironmentsVirtual Reality2019 Download
Captain Carroll Camera Movement and Device Orientation based Procedural Object Rendering Approach for Mobile VR GameVirtual Reality2019 Download
Research on Target Coordinate Mapping in Photoelectric Detection SimulationVirtual Reality2019 Download
Interactive AI for Linguistic Education Built on VR Environment Using User Generated ContentsVirtual Reality2019 Download
Virtual Dressing Room ApplicationVirtual Reality2019 Download
An Evaluation of Depth and Size Perception on a Spherical Fish Tank Virtual Reality DisplayVirtual Reality2019 Download
Integration of Advanced Technology in Initial Flight TrainingVirtual Reality2019 Download
Immersive Audio Coding for Virtual Reality Using a Metadata assisted Extension of the 3GPP EVS CodecVirtual Reality2019 Download
Virtual Reality Models for Promoting Learners Engagement in Construction StudiesVirtual Reality2019 Download
Complex network changes during a virtual reality rehabilitation protocol following stroke a case studyVirtual Reality2019 Download
User Experience Evaluation of an Interactive Virtual Reality Based System for Upper Limb RehabilitationVirtual Reality2019 Download
Security Privacy and Safety Risk Assessment for Virtual Reality Learning Environment ApplicationsVirtual Reality2019 Download
Head Related Transfer Function Interpolation Based on Finite Impulse Response ModelsVirtual Reality2019 Download
Data Correlation Aware Resource Management in Wireless Virtual Reality VR An Echo State Transfer Learning ApproachVirtual Reality2019 Download
UAV IoT for Next Generation Virtual RealityVirtual Reality2019 Download
The Introduction of a Novel Virtual Reality Training System for Gynecology Learning and Its User Experience ResearchVirtual Reality2019 Download
Robot Teleoperation with Augmented Reality Virtual SurrogatesVirtual Reality2019 Download
VR Exploration Assistance through Automatic Occlusion RemovalVirtual Reality2019 Download
Virtual Reality Provides an Effective Platform for Functional Evaluations of Closed Loop Neuromyoelectric ControlVirtual Reality2019 Download
Comparing Human Robot Proxemics Between Virtual Reality and the Real WorldVirtual Reality2019 Download
Multimodal Haptic Display for Virtual Reality A SurveyVirtual Reality2019 Download
Semantic Segmentation of 3D Point Cloud to Virtually Manipulate Real Living SpaceVirtual Reality2019 Download
Assessment and Optimization of the Circadian Performance of Smartphone Based Virtual Reality DisplaysVirtual Reality2019 Download
Research on Reconfigurable Method of Cockpit Simulation for Virtual Training SystemVirtual Reality2019 Download
3D Stimulus Presentation of ERP Speller in Virtual Reality Virtual Reality2019 Download
Attentional Correlates in Somatosensory Potentials Evoked by Ultrasound Induced Virtual Objects in Mid AirVirtual Reality2019 Download
Speech Breathing in Virtual Humans An Interactive Model and Empirical StudyVirtual Reality2019 Download
Building Scale Virtual Reality Another Way to Extend Real WorldVirtual Reality2019 Download
Brain Computer Interface in Virtual RealityVirtual Reality2019 Download
Immersion or Diversion Does Virtual Reality Make Data Visualisation More Effective Virtual Reality2019 Download
Design and Implementation of a Virtual Multimeter in the EVEEE EnvironmentVirtual Reality2019 Download
Investigating the Reliability and Validity of Three Novel Virtual Reality Environments With Different Approaches to Simulate Wheelchair ManeuversVirtual Reality2019 Download
Integration of OneM2M based IoT Service Platform and Mixed Reality DeviceVirtual Reality2019 Download
Augmented Reality Electric Circuit ExperimentVirtual Reality2019 Download
AR360 Dynamic Illumination for Augmented Reality with Real Time InteractionVirtual Reality2019 Download
Enhancing the Quality of Inserted 3D Object into a VideoVirtual Reality2019 Download
Can Virtual Reality Improve the Health of Older Sports Fans Virtual Reality2019 Download
Transforming the Air Force Mission Planning Process with Virtual and Augmented RealityVirtual Reality2019 Download
Virtual Reality in Rehabilitating Amputees Suffering from Phantom Limb PainVirtual Reality2019 Download
User Tracking in VR EnvironmentVirtual Reality2019 Download
The Application of VR Technology in the Construction of Learning Resources of Mobile Application PlatformVirtual Reality2019 Download
The Reality Virtuality Interaction Cube A Framework for Conceptualizing Mixed Reality Interaction Design Elements for HRIVirtual Reality2019 Download
The Application of Virtual Reality Technology in RehabilitationVirtual Reality2019 Download
Design of a VR Prototyping System Based on a Haptic ControllerVirtual Reality2019 Download
User Experience and Design Oriented Virtual Product Prototyping SystemVirtual Reality2019 Download
Visualization and Interaction with the Male Urinary System using Virtual RealityVirtual Reality2019 Download
A Novel Virtual Reality Game for Disaster Management ApplicationsVirtual Reality2019 Download
Application Research of Virtual Reality Technology in Interior DesignVirtual Reality2019 Download
SMART Virtual Dental Learning EnvironmentVirtual Reality2019 Download
Immersive Image QoE in Mobile Consumer Virtual Reality SettingsVirtual Reality2019 Download
A Portable da Vinci Simulator in Virtual RealityVirtual Reality2019 Download
Virtual Augmented and Mixed Reality for Human Robot Interaction VAM HRI Virtual Reality2019 Download
K CBS based unilateral spatial neglect rehabilitation training contents utilizing virtual realityVirtual Reality2019 Download
Fast Early Termination of CU Partition and Mode Selection Algorithm for Virtual Reality Video in HEVCVirtual Reality2019 Download
Model for User Customization in wearable Virtual Reality Devices with IoT for Low Vision Virtual Reality2019 Download
Using the KUKA LBR iiwa Robot as Haptic Device for Virtual Reality Training of Hip Replacement SurgeryVirtual Reality2019 Download
Fast Intra Prediction Algorithm for Virtual Reality 360 Degree Video Based on Improved RMDVirtual Reality2019 Download
Design and Implementation of Virtual Real Interactive System for Mixed RealityVirtual Reality2019 Download
Design of Virtual Display System for Guangxi Minority Scenic Spots Based on Virtual RealityVirtual Reality2019 Download
Augmented and Virtual Reality Interfaces for Crowd Simulation Software A Position Statement for Research on Use Case Dependent InteractionVirtual Reality2019 Download

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